Wishes of Prosperous Tihar.


Sayapatri flower.

Tihar is a festival of lights, colors, flowers, music and dance and it falls on the early winter in Nepal. The festival is celebrated for five days. This unique festival includes the thanksgiving ceremonies to animals like crow, dog, cow and ox. All these animals are worshipped as good omens during the festival on different days respectively. The final day and the most important day of this festival ends with the Bhai Tika. On the day, sisters put Tikas of different colors on the foreheads and colorful garlands around the necks of their brothers with the exchange of gifts. The third day has the significant importance to all the Hindus in Nepal. This day, after the sun sets, every Hindu house prepares to welcome Laxmi; the Goddess of Prosperity. The nights in the Hindu houses during the festival are full of lights and hence bright. The groups of young play vaili or deusi in their localities during the festival with the specific songs and music especially designed for this festival in the ancient days. The different vaili or deusi group hit each Hindu house frequently with their musical and dance presentation. The vaili or deusi group in return is honored with cash and Tihar special food items. Explore Himalaya wishes all the Nepalese a happy and prosperous Tihar. Hopefully, Laxmi this year will bring the prosperity in every Nepalese house as well as to the entire nation and also to the entire world. Explore Himalaya wishes all our clients and every visitors to Nepal a very Happy Tihar. We hope all the visitors in Nepal during this sacred festival will get an opportunity to understand well about the Nepalese culture and the festival itself. Explore Himalaya wishes to everyone a very prosperous Tihar once again.

Bhai Tika, final day of Tihar.


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