Wildlife of Nepal – represent the jungles of entire Indian subcontinent

Wilds of Nepal are full of life, where the rule of nature decides the fate of inhabitants living inside it. A small Himalayan nation that houses 14 protected and conservation parks are the best suited homes to the many rare animals and plants.


Every adventurous soul who decides to penetrate these extensive wild playgrounds have come up with the best wildlife experiences because they sight the largest and the rarest species of animals living in the deepest jungle of Indian sub-continent.

wildlife activities in nepal


At the moment, when world wants to know about the assessment of trekking trails of Nepal and cultural heritage sites, these wildlife parks have remained safe and sound; more than ready to cater the wildlife tours.

We cater wildlife tours in Nepal in the conserved parks of lowland plains i.e. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

wildlife activities in nepal

Chitwan National Park the major hub of wildlife activities in Nepal, caters services to the largest chunk of wildlife lovers traveling to Nepal every year. The park has diverse activities.

Elephant Safari, Jeep Drive, Elephant bathing, Canoe Ride, Nature Walk and Bird-watching tours are the most popular wildlife activities of the park.

wildlife activities in nepal


A little off the beaten wildlife park, Bardia National Park that lies in the far west region of Nepal caters greater opportunities to sight the wild species in the wilds.

Relatively peaceful and less frequented, Bardia National Park offers almost 50% chances of sighting the Royal Bengal Tiger, which is quite a chance to see this beautiful predator  playing freely in the jungle.

wildlife activities in nepal


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the best park for the birding activities and the bird watchers call it their paradise. Lying in the eastern lowland, the park is the home to more than 500 species of birds including the residential the migratory ones.

wildlife activities in nepal

The most common thing of all these parks is the culture attached within them. The lowlands of Nepal that stretch from east to west is the home to Nepal’s one of the oldest ethnical tribes- the Tharus. Moreover, the river system that run through the parks are the ideal homes to the deadliest predators, crocodiles.

wildlife activities in nepal

Nepal is not the destination for walking adventures or cultural tours. It is also the biggest hub for wildlife activities in entire Asia. Visit Nepal for any purpose but bother to peep into the rich wildlife of Nepal, which would undoubtedly give you an insightful exploration of the wilds that represents the wilds of the entire Indian Sub-Continent.



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