Volunteering tourism in Nepal- one big reason to travel Nepal Now!

Volunteering Tourism in Nepal

Nepal has always been an ideal destination for Trekkers and Adventure lover for decades. Since the rise of Tourism after the mid-twentieth century, Nepal has now been pushed to modernization with many political and social changes. Nepalese tourism sector has grown substantially blending according to time. In 2015, it contributed almost 4.0% GDP to the nation’s economy. Along with Cultural, Mountaineering, and Eco Tourism, Volunteering tourism in Nepal has always been present and equally contributing as a pull factor for tourists all the worlds.

Following the recent chain of events, Nepalese economy has suffered a significant amount of loss due to the mega earthquake and other disasters. In this time of despair, Volunteers from all over the world have been contributing to rebuilding this Himalayan nation. From Lower Terai region to the High Himalayas, volunteers are scattered all over the country participating in social awareness campaign, infrastructure rebuild program, health care camps and in the education sector.

Volunteering Tourism in Nepal

The earthquake of 2015 took hundreds of lives and left thousands shelter less. People have been struggling to get back to their normal life while many have already overcome the disaster and started a normal life again. Over the period of 17 months, Nepalese people have been bouncing back better.

Now it is the best time to travel in Nepal- Travelling not just in the form of recreation but also with the mean to help other peoples. It is also an opportunity to blend with the local people and their culture. Your journey can make a difference in somebody’s life on a side while on the other side; you will also take great memories back from Nepal. You will also have the opportunity to witness the damages done by the earthquake firsthand. Volunteering Tourism in Nepal can be your small effort that will make a huge difference on the rebuilding of an entire nation.

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