Upper Dolpo and Shey Gompa trek (27 Days)

Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Trek

It is one of the highest inhabited places on earth, with scattered fortress like villages and monasteries nestling amongst tranquil mountains. Nothing on the earth has yet influenced the Dolpo and Shey Gompa habitats for years.

Dolpo Trek

Recently, Christine Angele from Switzerland and Weber Claudia from Germany completed the trip to these beautiful destinations. They started their journey on September 21, 2012 and completed it on October 17, 2012. Christine Angele provided Explore Himalaya few of her wonderful feedbacks and the expedition photographs.

Dolpo Trek
Christine Angele

“The trip was extra ordinary. We chose this trip because not many tourists go to this area. We heard that Dolpo area resembles the Nepal of 30 years back with remote areas and the habitat for the Tibetans. Hence, we booked the trip with Explore Himalaya.

Dolpo Trek

“Once we reached the place we found whatever we heard was 100% true. Weather was very beautiful that day. During the trek to Dolpo every day we saw different landscapes, beautiful and popular mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna. The people with different cultures wearing their traditional costumes in the villages were wonderful to watch.”

Dolpo Trek

“Our supporting staffs and guides were very supportive and well knew the trail. We did not face any difficulties throughout the trip.”

“We do not want to recommend this trip to other (laughs aloud), just kidding we would recommend this heavenly place to everyone. Actually, we do not want to see change in this area. It is a wonder of Nepal so we would like to see this place unchanged, safe and sound for many years.”

Dolpo Trek

“Overall, we were lucky enough that everything went well. Our flight flew in time to Juphal. Weather was excellent throughout; we got to see beautiful mountains, villages, lakes, monasteries and landscapes. Hopefully we will come back to Nepal next year to visit this same place.”

Dolpo Trek

Trek to Upper Dolpo & Shey Gompa

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