UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Status after 25/04 Quake remaining update

Today we are updating the status of remaining Heritage Sites and important destinations of Kathmandu after the quake 25/04.  This update is based on Field Inspection on May 19 made by  four teams of Explore Himalaya with one Sales Officer, one Photographer and one Tour Guide in each team.

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square after the quake
Patan Durbar Square after the quake

This UNESCO Heritage Site in Kathmandu Valley that blends the Hinduism and Buddhism in the best way suffered significant loss during the quake 25/04. However, very few monuments in Patan Durbar Square have been completely demolished. Char Narayan Temple and a sattal (rest house) at Patan Durbar Square turned into debris. The monuments with slight damages, which can be renovated include Taleju Temple, Mahadev Temple, Bhimsen Temple, Mahabouddha Temple and the replica of Pashupatinath Temple among others. The Patan Museum also has suffered partial loss during the quake as per the officials.

Krishna Temple, Mayadevi Temple, Golden Temple, Minnath Temple and the Big Bell of Patan Durbar Square remained intact during the powerful quake of 25/04. The artistic Dhunge Dhara (Stone-Tap) at Patan Durbar Square suffered no loss at all during the quake.

Presently, the debris clearance at the site has been almost completed and soon the work of renovating the monuments will begin.

Mahaboudha at Patan Durbar Square stands tall after the quake
Mahaboudha at Patan Durbar Square stands tall after the quake

Note: Travelers have no access to explore inside the Durbar Square at the present. The  Government Officials say, after three to four weeks once the work of renovation begins  the site will be opened for the tourists.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

nyatapole - Bhakapur

Earthquake 25/04 has made significant impact on Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The Authorities at Bhaktapur Durbar Square said 67 monuments out of 116 at Bhaktapur have been demolished. Here we have the report on Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which is based on our filed visit. The shrines and edifices that survived the quake have larger significance culturally and historically compared to those, which have been demolished.

The famous Nyatapol Temple of Bhaktapur remains intact after the quake. The Big Bell of Bhaktapur stood tall along with the Bhimsen Temple and Dattatarya Temples among others. The Priest House, Siddhi Laxmi Temple and the replica of Muktinath Temple among others suffered minor damages where as the Temples of Shiva, Asi Dega and Batsala Devi among others have demolished.

Batsala-devi, Bhaktapur

Note: There is no access for the touristic activity at Bhaktapur at the present. Officials say the UNESCO World Heritage Site will be opened for the travelers in two to three weeks time as the work of renovation begins.



The 4th century Hindu Temple of Nepal, Changunarayan managed to stand against the tremor of quake 25/04. However, this ancient shrine has been partially damaged and hence the renovation is necessary so that the legacy of this temple continues to pass on for more generations to come. The main Temple of Changunarayan as well as Kileshowr Temple have been temporarily held with the support of wooden planks. The Entrance to the Temple also has suffered minor loss during the quake.

Note: The sightseeing tour of Changunarayan Temple is presently banned for the tourists. However, Government Authorities say, it will soon be opened for the touristic activity as the work of renovation begins here.

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