UN Human Rights EBC Trek Group in Nepal

Danish Human Rights EBC Trekking Group visit  PA(Prisoners Assistance) Nepal, Children’s Home in Sankhu

On 19th April , some of us  from Explore Himalaya accompanied Kipling Travels‘ Danish trekking group (who had trekked to EBC under the UN Human Rights banner) to Sankhu, located about 20 km away from Kathmandu.The group will donate a part of the funds raised from their trip to PA Nepal and some to Amnesty International.

PA Nepal  Children’s Home in SankhuThe home provides care and shelter to sixty children whose parents or parent are in prison. The home is run by social activist Indira Rana Magar. The unpainted building to the right is a school established by Indira for the children.She says, ” We had to open this school as the children were ocstracised while studying in other schools.Over here the teachers work under my guidance and the children gets to learn in an open and friendly environment.  Some children from the village also come to study over here.”

Indira Rana Magar, showing the visitors around

Group members interacting with the children

UN Human Rights Everest Trek Group in Nepal

Our trek to Everest Base Camp was really amazing, and that we were doing it for a special cause made this trip extra special… Nature and natural beauty in Nepal is really wonderful…I feel happy to be here among these kids . I think she (Indira Rana Magar) is really doing a great job of  raising them and taking care of them. We should all try to support and help her in this good work..Trine Moghaddam, Lab Technician, Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen

My mother is in jail and people call her a criminal, but I don’t consider her a criminal because she did what she had to do to feed and support us.In my eyes that’s not a crime…” –  Renu, an inmate of the home and daughter of a prisoner, sharing her story with the group

Children present a special program for the guests

Singing a  Danish song for the kids

The focus of our trek was to spread the message of universal Human Rights, and what better way to end our trip then with a visit here,  among these kids…–   Christian Iversen, Trek Leader, Kipling Travels, Denmark

[Photos: Usha Rai]

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