Tsum Valley- A breathtaking beauty in Isolation.


Ana Torres Mari.

Recently, a Spanish lady from Barcelona, Ana Torres Mari had the trekking trip to Tsum valley. Her solo trek was organized by Explore Himalaya. She enjoyed the trek a lot. She discovered the breathtaking beauties in the Himalayas. Her mission was to just experience the high altitude and its acclimatization. She shared few of her trekking experiences with us.


Trial to Tsum Valley.

“Since, the higher altitude already had the severe winter, the people in the higher altitude came down and hence the way to Tsum valley was almost deserted. There were very few people seen on the way. The nights at the Gompas and the personal residence were pretty good. I shared the meals with the monks in the Gompas and with the family members in the houses and I enjoyed that experience. At Rachen Gompa I was more comfortable to share my meals and room with nuns.”

tsum valley view.

Traditional habitat on the Himalayas.

“I would recommend for the tea houses in this particular trekking trial. The place is very beautiful and the presence of tea houses on the way will no doubt lure the groups of trekkers in this region. The place is untouched. It would never be a problem for a person to shelter a night at the personal residence or Gompas but for a group it could be a problem. So I would recommend the tea houses and lodges in the area because I love this place.”

Inside Gompa.

Explore Himalaya let her acknowledge that the Tsum valley trek is normally a camping trek for the group. Since, she was alone the camping trek for her possibly could have been doubled in terms of cost. So we arranged everything to minimize the trek cost considering her interest in the area.

She was convinced and happy with the consideration.

“The guide, porter and the cook were always there to help me. I knew I was always safe and secure traveling with these beautiful people.”

Breathtaking view in the Highlands.

“I had no complains at all. I enjoyed the trek very much. I would love to thank all the people for arranging such wonderful trip. I know to make perfect the arrangements for the trip of a person to the isolated place like Tsum valley is pretty tough but I thank Explore Himalaya for arranging such beautiful journey for my sake only.”

Usual view in the mountainous region of Nepal.
Usual view in the mountainous region of Nepal.

Pics: Explore Himalaya.

Manalsu regions in Nepal is the trekking trial with lesser trekkers but with so much full of untouched nature.

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