Trekking in Nepal- the most beautiful walking holiday in the world


Walking down the lush green rolling hills for five to seven hours every day and encountering the thrills of cultural and natural diversities is exactly the fun of walking adventures in Nepal and travel fanatics call it the trekking in Nepal. Nepal the Himalayan nation is also the most popular hub for trekkers across the globe.

Normally the trek in Nepal begins from the low elevated mid-hill town and eventually gains elevation to the landmarks from where the Himalayan panoramas are matchless to any other landscapes seen in rest of the parts of the world. En route the treks in Nepal cater extremely diverse cultural aspects.

The cultures of ethnical tribes living in different regions of the country are so contrast that trekkers are bound to think “have we walked across the border and have arrived to the different country?”

The most important thing about trekking in Nepal is the climate diversity. As we gain elevation we leave behind the tropical regions and low alpine region and enter alpine or nival regions. The absolute tranquility in these regions amidst extreme low temperature can be a challenging factor trekkers need to overcome.

Moreover, the challenge of Altitude Mountain Sickness caused because of improper acclimatization also can be problematic to the trekkers. Hence, Climb High Sleep Low for proper acclimatization is the basic rule during the trekking in Nepal.

From the pool of wide options, trekkers have choices to undertake trekking holidays in Nepal. Determining the level of endurance, fitness, time and budget of the trekkers, we cater different categories of treks in different parts of Nepal. Regarding the trekking trails after the quake we have many products, which cater wonderful walking holidays in Nepal assuring absolute safety. Except Langtang and Manaslu Region, treks in other parts of Nepal are under operation as flawlessly as before.


Fly to Nepal this Autumn and enjoy the Walking Holiday in Nepal so that your holidays becomes significant help in stabilizing the economy of the country, which hugely depends on tourism. Stay fit, enjoy the fun of walking along the most beautiful trails of the world and be the part of the mission “Rebuilding Nepal”.

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