Trekking in Nepal: Food, Accommodation and weather


A view from a camp accommodation on the Nepalese middle hills of Nuwakot

Nepal is a paradise for trekkers and climbers. Options are plenty! The wide section of 800 kilometer long Nepalese Himalayan section offers the best of Himalayan Adventure. Become an admirer, while scaling the peaks of varied elevation (5000m- 8848m), trekking along the pleasant middle hills of Nepal for the breathtaking views of the Himalayas, experiencing an adventurous glacial walk along the trial to the Base Camps of mighty 8000ers or while encountering the rural lifestyles of indigenous Nepalese communities in the far-flung hamlets. 

However, in such isolation where people say “nature here has remained raw and intact for centuries”, the facilities to address the necessities of the trekkers are considered the best  in the global trekking industry. Basic services while on trekking to Nepal like, food and accommodation are surprisingly of International standard considering the geographical conditions.

Food during the trek

Food during the treks in Nepal is considered the best as English trekkers taught western cooking styles in the ancient trekking days and is well practiced till the day. Menu of the food is available as in the restaurants in Thamel based, on American and European food course i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Himalayan carrier yaks and a group of trekkers camping during a Fully Organized Trek in Nepal

Best time to Trek in Nepal

The best time to trek to Nepal is during the spring (March to May) and during the autumn (October to December). The days during these times have bright sunshine, blue sky, pleasant morning, warm evenings and windy days. The views of the Himalayas are exceptionally perfect during these times of the year. Though the temperature during the days in the Himalayan region is between 15 to 20 degree centigrade the nights are still cold with subzero temperature.

tent setup

Setting up the sleeping tents as well as  a kitchen tent for the yummy meal!!!

Accommodation during the treks and peak climbing

If your trek is based on tea houses or GAP you will be enjoying the nights in the warm rooms of the tea houses. Considering the location, the rooms in the tea houses may not be equally comfortable to the rooms in the cities but you will be provided with the basic necessities required for you to keep warm and comfortable enough. However, while rising higher instead of single room or twin sharing room sometimes you may have to end up at the dormitories for one or two nights because of very limited tea houses in the high altitudes beyond 5000m of the Himalayas. If your trek is fully organized trek (FOT) you will be provided the A- shaped Nepalese tents below the base camps which are considered to be the best in these areas and above the base camps while climbing a trekking peak and expeditions you will be provided the luxurious accommodation inside the Dome tents.


Every cloud has a silver lining- A wonderful view of a Himalaya on a bright sunny day

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