Traveling to Nepal with Children, few things you should know

Traveling to Nepal with Children has many pros but also few cons. Pros relate to highlights a child could see, which totally contrast to western world and the cons relate to challenges in terms of services Nepal could cater for a hassle free tour all around. However, traveling to Nepal with children is easily possible if parents make some preparations.

Traveling with Children in Nepal’s urban destinations is not at all a problem. Places like entire Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara & Chitwan among others, entertain many children a worthwhile holiday every season. Since these places are interconnected with each other via air and road plus acquiring every modern service and amenity, travelers would not experience any sort of hassle here except few minor precautions taken prior the beginning of the trip. You would easily get a room in the hotels or resorts in these destinations, which are designed for the family. You would find spacious restaurants with gardens for children to have fun in these cities while you eat. However, the most important thing you need to take care of, while you are traveling with very young kids in these towns is that you need to carry a backpack or sling or a stroller with oversized wheels perfect for rough pavements. While strolling in the streets of Kathmandu or Patan with small kids, the overcrowded alleys or narrow gullies would create a problematic scenario. Hence, carrying infants in a sling or strolling with them with comfortable stroller would be a wise decision.

Traveling to Nepal with children

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Regarding the food for the infants, the grocery stores in Kathmandu and other urban destinations sell plenty of options of foods and hence, you should not worry about carrying kid foods from your home country. However, if you feel like carrying it, that won’t weigh much and hence you can choose to bring them instead of buying those here. Plus it is sensible to bring kid diapers from your country itself just to avoid any sort of allergy; however, plenty of quality diapers are also available in Nepal.

Traveling to Nepal with children

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Regarding a trekking holiday in Nepal with children, there should be more problems. If a child can walk, he or she should not have any problem for easy treks like Poonhill Ghorepani Trek. But if a kid is an infant, it is wisdom to hire an experienced porter to carry him in a very dependable backpack. During the moderate treks like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, even a kid who can walk might encounter with walking problem. Hence, to hire a mule or a horse for them to ride on throughout the trek could be a wise decision. Accommodations during the trek for a family with a kid could be a hard finding, so you should work on it through your trek operator prior the beginning of the trip. In brief, we recommend undertaking an easy or moderate trek with your kid. A strenuous trek could be a very challenging endeavor for young kids in every aspect, which include acute mountain sickness.

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