Tourism priority to Scandinavian countries and CIS region.

Mountain view in Nepal.

Picture Courtesy: Wendy Smith

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) announced its promotional strategies to increase tourist arrivals from new market segments. NTB on Sunday declared its priorities to focus its promotional activities on Scandinavian countries and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) in 2013.
Despite of, considered emerging markets for Nepal, both segments contribute negligible tourist arrivals in total. However, the arrivals from most of Scandinavian countries and CIS region were positive during the October, 2012.
The senior director of NTB said, “We will now focus on Scandinavian and CIS region, but to fully exploit the huge potential from the Chinese and Indian markets the promotional campaigns in these segments will continue.”
The Scandinavian region includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and others, while the CIS region includes countries like Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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