‘The Return to Everest’- Imax’s Everest sequel

Oscar-nominated and world renowned nature documentary filmmaker Greg Macgillivray is planning to make a sequel of his 1998 IMAX film, ‘Everest’, in 3D format. Titled ‘The Return to Everest’ this will be the first time a film crew will capture the mountain with Imax 3D technology. The sequel will follow a medical expedition studying the impact of extreme altitude on the human body and revisit climbers and Sherpas who featured in the first film.

According to a report published in “The Himalayan Times”, the producers of the movie are looking for Nepali investors. A group of Nepali, as well as Hollywood investors met on 18th January to explore possibilities of investment for the movie under the coordination of Nepali banker Prithvi Bahadur Pande. According to Sabra B Pande, Project Developer for the movie ,out of the 10 million dollars budget for the movie, the makers are looking to generate $ 4.5 million from Nepal and the investment slot is open for all those interested . Once finalized an official announcement will be made. The filmmakers are ready to air free adverts and films on Nepal during the movie show which according to Pande will benefit Nepal in a big way. This documentary will serve as a good platform to promote Nepal and Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Mount Everest

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