The perfect family holiday in Nepal

Individuals from different families come together to undertake the challenges of the holidays that cater extreme adventure or the holidays that offer specific genre of touristic activities. When a family sets out to enjoy a holiday, diverse travel choices depending on individual’s adrenaline hunger, age, past travel experiences and most importantly the reasons for the love towards traveling come into play.

family holiday in nepal

Our Family Holiday in Nepal addresses all these diverse preferences and reasons of traveling of every member of the family. It incorporates soft adventure of trekking along the trails of magnificent Annapurna Region, exploring the cultural delights of Kathmandu Valley, sightseeing around the nature’s bride Pokhara, penetrating the woods of Chitwan National Park and experience the exhilarating Mountain Flight to king-sized Khumbu .

family holiday in nepal

The soft trekking adventure to Poonhill Ghorepani can be done by anyone fit enough to walk five hours a day and the acclimatization problem that normally comes during trekking in Nepal is never an issue on this trek as it goes not higher than 3210m. Children above ten years old and the elderly citizens can easily complete this trek. However, in case of walking problems kids or senior citizens might encounter, horses or ponies are easily available to take them to the ultimate destination, Poonhill 3210m.

The authentic culture of Gurungs (ethnical tribe living in the region for centuries), the floral and faunal biodiversity of Annapurna Conservation Area Project and the Himalayan panorama dominated by Annapurna, Fishtail and Dhaulagiri are the major highlights of Poonhill Trek that slides up and down the rolling hills as the waves in the ocean do.


family holiday in nepal

The sightseeing tours around cultural treasure troves of Kathmandu has been the fascinating aspect of tours in Nepal for travelers having all preferences. After the quake, cultural landmarks of Kathmandu have more to offer because many monuments that stood tall and intact during the quake manifest the cultural richness and the ancient civilization of the country. Others that are partially damaged or completely destroyed demonstrate the power of the quake that hit Nepal on April 25 2015.

However, all these cultural landmarks of Nepal still manifest the colorful Nepalese lifestyle and clearly gives the message that Nepalese have already accepted the disaster as nature’s warning and have started to rebuild Nepal more powerful and prosperous than ever.


family holiday in nepal

The wildlife activities in Chitwan National Park, the park that lies in lowland plains cater adventurous Elephant Safari into the jungle catering chances of sighting many rare wild species including One-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Gangetic Dolphin and Mugger Crocodile among others.

The nature walk into the woods and the dugout canoe ride in Rapti River are ideal opportunities for bird watching and to witness the river ecosystem of the park. Moreover, the culture of Tharu Tribe, Elephant Bathing in Rapti River and tours to Elephant Breeding Center are wonderful highlights of the park.


family holiday in nepal

Pokhara, the town catering exceptional wonders of the nature is also included in the family tour. Creepy caves, deep-seated gorges, verdant lakes and mythical falls can be explored around Pokhara.

Moreover the Himalayan backdrop dominated by Fishtail and Annapurna massif that can be seen from anywhere in Pokhara makes this town more fascinating. The boating in Fewa Lake, soothes travelers brain soul in Pokhara.


family holiday in nepal

An hour long Mountain Flight on a fixed wing aircraft that flies over exceedingly wonderful Khumbu Region gives travelers to witness the mighty 8000ers including Everest.

Overall, this is a perfect family holiday in Nepal that gives travelers the brief yet insightful peep into Nepal’s incredible highlights. Spending this fantastic family holiday in Nepal that caters the best of Nepal’s trekking experience, wildlife activity, cultural opulence, natural delights and exceptional Everest could be the best time you spend with your family.


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