Thapaliya admits- Thamel lacks enough “Tourist Class Hotels”.


Mr. Ram Sharan Thapaliya- Vice Chairman Thamel Tourism Development Committee

Mr. Ram Sharan Thapaliya, Vice Chairman of Thamel Tourism Development Committee admitted that Thamel lacked sufficient A class accommodation during the hyper tourist season in Nepal during an interview with Explore Himalaya.

He says, “Thamel is a place in Nepal where more than 80% of total visitors to Kathmandu prefer to accommodate but due to the lack of adequate number of tourist class hotels in Thamel, they are bound to settle in the hotels at the other areas of the city. Though very few tourists prefer the hotels at the other areas within the city over the hotels at Thamel, but many prefer to enjoy their nights at Thamel”.

He admits, “Most of the visitors in Kathmandu stay average of 10 days in Thamel and during the spring and autumn of the year every room of the hotels in Thamel is fully occupied as the tourist arrivals during these times are maximum. It is very obvious that the requirement of more tourist class hotels in Thamel has been a necessity”.

Thamel describes the perfect place in Kathmandu to retreat, recreate and chill having just fun within the area of 1sq. km. Within this small hotspot 500 hotels including star hotels, tourist class hotels and normal guest houses fit in. There are more than 450 restaurants and bars offering the visitors with different cuisines of food, varieties of flavors of music and diverse cultural shows. Hundreds of souvenir shops and stalls, mountaineering outlets and cultural galleries justify Thamel with one solid good reason and making Thamel able to attract massive number of visitors. Thamel is a cosmopolitan address within the cultural city Kathmandu accommodating people from more 100 nations every moment.

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