Testimonial from a client

Explore Himalaya had organized  an April trek to EBC for a group of 8 trekkers from South Africa. One of the group members  has forwarded his testimonial to us. Here's what he has to say:


"Dear Explore Himalaya

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

This is a note to thank you. Firstly though, allow me to apologise for the delay in getting thoughts and sentiments to paper. We have been back a number of weeks and life slowly drags you back into the quagmire of routine. I was recently part of a group that spent time in Nepal – Kathmandu and the Himalaya primarily. (We were there in late April for three weeks) This was the first time that I have travelled to your beautiful country and our entire Nepal and Himalaya trip was truly spectacular!

I think for all first timers, Nepal and the majestic, challenging Himalaya – always are. What made the difference to our experience though was the quality of the people who guided and educated, welcomed and helped us – the family that looked after us whilst we were there. The more you spend time there, and allow the significance of your own experience to sink in the more powerful this realisation becomes. As you become able to accurately compare your support team to other groups on the trail – this degree to which the quality of your experience there is determined by your team becomes apparent.

We were truly blessed in this regard, and the quality of our experience, certainly mine (I do think I speak for us all though) – was off the charts, a special and unique, privileged time. The ground crew / Kathmandu crew at Explore Himalaya were competent, courteous, on time and wonderful. They bent over backwards when we changed schedules, and clucked and fussed around us to ensure we had a smooth time. They just made the cacophony and madness of Kathmandu, and logistics in Nepal in general a non-headache, which as I’m sure you know is a major thing.

They key factor however, that made our adventure truly special, unique and wonder-filled, was our guide, Da Yula Sherpa, and his team. He is a man amongst men, and with his brother and nephew – were the best team we could ever have hoped or imagined to have guide and look after us in the Himalaya. Da Yula’s preparation, experience and attention to detail made our experience wonderful. I don’t say this lightly – his attention to all details: – food, illness scenario’s, logistics on the mountain, accommodation, routes, comfort, security, every conceivable variable that could have been prepared for and thought about – was incredible and so thorough. Being with them made the adventure rich in detail – we learned SO MUCH from him about Nepal, the people, the culture, the mountains, he and his team were so much more than walking guides. They were anything but that – and the unit we formed up there was incredibly special. They made our trip, and I will recommend them and you; Explore Himalaya unreservedly to anyone venturing to Nepal.

Without your input and guidance, we would not have had this unique experience – it is much and seriously appreciated.

Thank you."

Best regards

Andrew Gillespie

Managing Director TTS

Trek to Everest Base Camp

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