Wymondham College, UK- Everest Trek

Not only for mountaineers and adventurers, the mountains of Nepal serve as a great place for nature and educational tours. In the high mountains, there’s  much a young learner can learn – be it the unique culture, mountain ecology and bio-diversity or life’s lessons. The mountains, as one student remarked, “really opens up your eyes”.
This October, Explore Himalaya organized an Everest Trek for a rather large group of students and teachers from Wymondham College , Norfolk, UK.

Wymondham College - EBC Trek

The group included 21 students and four teachers. After the completion of their trek Explore Himalaya spoke to some members of the group and this is what they had to say:

Matilda Wace (Student, 15 Years):

“Imatilda wacet (the trek) was really good. The views were really nice. The people were very friendly. It was good. “

Jordan Cadman – Rivers (Student , 16   Years) :
The trip really opened my eyes. I think that the age we are on the trek is the perfect age to come because it’s definitely different to England and definitely changes your views on things. We are old enough to be independent and adapt ourselves on the trek. So I think it’s a good idea to come to Nepal especially at this age. I think Nepal was a good choice because this is a perfect place to trek. It is quite a friendly country, welcoming and the views are great. Coming here definitely opened up our eyes.”

Christopher Hoey (Teacher):

Christopher-teacherI think Explore Himalaya has done an extraordinary good job. The staff from the company has been extremely friendly. Nothing has been too much trouble for them. In fact I have been really amazed at how much time members of staff have given over to the group. I expected a much low level of contact and support. You have always been there whoever it is amongst the group, who has needed your help and advice.
The partnership of Casterbridge(Tours) with Explore Himalaya has worked well and I think the success of any

trip depends upon the partnership. It’s about having well qualified staff from the UK but also a good company here to work with. The people whom we have not mentioned, Sirdar Kaji, the 5 guides and the 2 yak herders who did everything to ensure a safe trek in the mountains. I think you have got all safety factors of experienced guides and good company. There’s no reason why school groups from the UK can’t come and explore the mountains here.
Doing the Everest trail has been absolutely wonderful experience. I would like to come back to Nepal again. But I would like to see a different part of the Himalaya that is a bit more remote, that which doesn’t have quite so many trekkers. I am also very moved by the social and health needs of the country and I am thinking what I might be able to do about the development of the country.”

(Photos Courtesy: Angela Grey)