Population of endangered wild water buffalo increases at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The wild water buffalo (different from the domesticated water buffalo), which is found only in some parts of Asia exist in wet grasslands, swamps and densely vegetated river valleys.In face of its dwindling population, the wild water buffalo has been declared an endangered species.While they were found in most of the countries in South East Asia, unabated hunting has dwindled its population and it is now found only in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal and Bhutan. In Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam and Bangladesh its population has neared zero.

In Nepal this endangered mammal is found only at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Latest figures have confirmed that the population of the wild buffalo has increased at the reserve. The wildlife reserve office has reported that there were 219 wild buffaloes in 2009. The number increased to 237 last year. This year’s counting showed an increase of 22, and  the total population has soared to 259.

wild water buffalo

(Pic source: wikipedia)