Trip Report-Ganesh Madhyamik Vidhyalaya-Bhotenamlang

Explore Himalaya has something for every traveler. 

Kaleidoscopic perceptions on Nepal by every new traveler to this land of hidden Shangri-la have always made this country of Everest, a mysterious land to visit. Adventurous activities in Nepal include mountaineering, skydiving, rafting, wildlife safari, bungee jumping, paragliding and many more. Each adventurous activity offers the level of thrill preferred by the seekers. The nation well known for its diverse ethnical cultures and the cities admired for artistic and spiritual glory are addicted to celebration. Nepalese celebrate more than hundred different festivals throughout the year. Nepalese who are known for their honesty, bravery and kindness throughout the world are probably one of the best peoples to be with.

Ms. Donna Gee from Hong Kong and seventeen fellow travelers with her had something very special out their trip to Nepal this autumn. The trip focused on social activity also had massive cultural aspects of rural Nepal.

Here we have a trip report written by the group leader of Ms. Sharda Malla and at the end of the report we have a testimonial by Ms. Donna Gee.


Students of Choi Kia Yau School being welcomed at Maya’s Village

Day 1 (23 Nov): Arrive Kathmandu

After  arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, our representative and driver escorted group (CKY Students) to Hotel Marshyangdi. Since the flight was delayed, the  briefing on all the necessary and important details of the trip was postponed for the next morning.

Day 2 (24 Nov): Drive to Tipine, trek to Maya’s village

After having  breakfast at Marshyangdi Hotel, Thamel, the tour started at 9:00 am from the hotel after needful briefing on the itinerary. After 5 hours drive, the group reached Tipeni and had their Hot Lunch prepared by the cooking staff of Explore Himalaya. After one hour of lunch break, the group started hiking from the Tipeni. Group reached Ganesh Primary School at 5:00 pm where they were welcomed by the students, teachers and villagers with the tika and garlands. They attended short welcome program and went to campsite. The day ended with the dinner at the campsite.

Day 3- (25 Nov): School Work  (by CKY Students)

The students had breakfast and hot shower at the camp before heading towards the school for the program. School requested the students to attend their regular morning assembly program where they had very interesting IQ Test session held by the students of Ganesh Secondary School for the CKY students. The students (CKY) actively took part in the test and enjoyed answering every question asked. Soonafter the assembly, the CKY students selected 30 primary level students of Ganesh School and divided them into 3 groups.

For the first group of 10 students, they decided to take English Class. Similarly for the second one they decided to take the Origami Class and for the last one they took them for the sports class. They also selected group leaders of these selected students from themselves and took each group to their respective class. The whole day was full of learning and sharing. They had rotation round for all the selected students after the completion of the class. Hence, all selected students could take part in all activities. The day ended after the school time got over. At the night after the dinner time, short d-briefing was done on the day activity around the warm camp fire.


A glimpse of Origami class

Day 4- (26 Nov):  Village Sightseeing and Joint School Work by local students and CKY students 

After the breakfast, students went for a short village walk. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery around and learned day to day routine of the locals. They also gave away small gifts to the small children of the village they met on their way. Upon returning from the walk, they attended school morning assembly. The local students divided them into two groups after the assembly and took one to the Nepali Language Class and other to the local sports class. They had the rotation for each groups after each the completion of their class .

These classes by Ganesh School lasted till the lunch break. After the lunch break, the CKY students again gathered the selected 30 students from yesterday. They divided them into three groups and took one to Origami class ,other to Rhythm Class and other to drawing class. They taught students to make lily and crane in the Origami Class. In the drawing class, they distributed white cap to each students and made them draw on it.

In the rhythm class they taught student to do the footstep and handclapping in a rhythm which sounded absolutely amazing. In between, on the student from CKY came with the brilliant presentation on the effective computer teaching. He gave presentation on the same to the Teachers, students from grade 8 and some local parents. The day ended with the end of these activities.

At the night, on the d-briefing session around the camp fire everyone shared their exciting experience with the group along with Team Leader from Explore Himalaya, Shrada Thakuri . Maya Gurung, Everest Summitter  who was born and has studied in the same school also shared her story with the team which was really inspiring to  CKY students and their teachers.


Bond establishing between the CKY students Hong Kong and local students of Maya’s Village

Day 5 (27 Nov): AM : School Work; PM: Hiking

The day started after students having their breakfast and hot shower at the camp site.  After attending a regular school assembly, CKY students  divided themselves into two groups. Group A students took in charge of painting the classrooms and Group B took the charge of conducting other activities. Some of the students and teachers were interested to learn more about  Eric’s presentation on computer class. Hence, Eric took special class for those interested one. Group B students taught the selected students to make greeting cards, snowflakes and Origami.

After the lunch break, students took a short hike to the place called Thal Dada where they enjoyed the amazing view of the Himalayas. They also didn’t forget to distribute gifts to the small children they met on the way.  Upon return from the hiking, they came back to the school and had a small ceremony of handing over the gifts they bought for the school students. They officially handed over the sports items and Drinking water supply to the school authority.

After school in the evening time, AAMA Group (Local Mother Group) gave them a farewell program. They sang song and made them dance with them which the students enjoyed very much. Each member of Aama Group had a gift to each students which was made with the local products. The school authority gave a Vote of thanks to the students group along with the Tika and Garlands and wished them all the best . The last night of the camping ended peacefully.


A selfless act is remembered for years: CKY students decorating the walls of Ganesh Secondary School

Day 6 (28 Nov): Back to Kathmandu; PM: Sightseeing

After the morning tea and breakfast, group left the village and retraced back to Kathmandu.

Day 7 (29 Nov): Full Day Sightseeing /Shopping and Farewell Dinner

On this day, the group set off for sightseeing hiking from Sankhu to Changu Narayan which took them one and half hour. They could not hold themselves from relishing the elegance of the valley from the hill of Changu Narayan. Some of the staffs from the Explore Himalaya  also joined them . The group returned to the Hotel and had their lunch.

Then, they visited  the historical and cultural sites like Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka,  Kumari temple, and Kasthamandap. Local city tour guide escorted them along with the Tour leader from the EH and briefed them well about the importance of these place in the history of Nepal.

After the observant tour, group was free for independent activities like strolling and shopping in the evening. At the end of the day, they enjoyed the farewell dinner at the Hotel Shangrilla where they shared their amazing experience .


Day 8 (30 Nov): Departure from Kathmandu

After having breakfast at the hotel, the group departed for their international flight with wonderful memories.


Campsite for students group from Hong Kong

Here we have a beautiful testimonial by Ms. Donna Gee after the completion of the tour.

Everything was wonderful. Dancing with the villagers on the mountain top in a traditional Nepali music was the bestexperience of this trip. Visiting the small villages in the middle hills of Nepal was equally wonderful. We had such a breathtakingly memorable trip that we won’t be able forget it rest of our lives.

The service of Explore Himalaya was excellent. We stayed in good hotels, and we had equally good food. Guides and staffs of the company were fantastic. They were kind, informative, caring and very helpful.

We had a great holiday. Thank you Explore Himalaya!


Traveled miles to get to new friends in Himalayan nation and few days of togetherness evokes love between them: Difficult moments of seperation

Volunteering in Nuwakot

Kirsten, one of our Norwegian volunteers is assisting the health workers  at the Nuwakot village Health Post.


Kirsten at the health post-  getting to follow up on patients,  checking their pulse, cleaning wounds etc.


This old lady suffered a fall and hurt her neck and shoulders.  Kirsten who is studying physiotherapy, is helping her with some exercises.

(Photos courtesy : Kirsten & Taliah)

Volunteering/ GAP Year

Volunteering in Nuwakot – Norwegians Kirsten & Talaih

This is how Kirsten & Taliah, our volunteers from Norway, are spending their days in Nuwakot.

Kirsten fetching water in a ‘gagri'(traditional water pot)

Kirsten takes time out to pose with travelling sadhus (Hindu holy men)

Taliah with a family member

(Photos courtesy: Kirsten & Taliah)

Volunteering & GAP Year

Our Volunteers in Nuwakot

We finally got to hear from Taliah, that is, via e-mail. Going through her mail we got the feeling that the villagers of Nuwakot have won the hearts of  these two young girls from Norway and vice versa. Unfortunately she couldn’t send pictures as the internet connection was too  slow.

An extract from her mail:

It has already been two weeks since we first arrived to Nuwakot, something that is really strange seeing as the time has passed  so quickly, but at the same time we feel as if we have been here for a longer time.
One of the main reason we have got so comfortable in such a short time is our families here. From the beginning we were looked upon as members of the family and not as guests.
For me, working at the school is a challenge, but most of all a great experience. I am teaching English at 1st-6th grade and there are some language barriers but for the most part we understand each other, and the students seems to enjoy my classes and they want to know everything about Norway.
Kirsten is volunteering at the health post and is getting to follow up on patients – checking their pulse, cleaning wounds and at the moment she is working with a 10 year old boy that is yet to get a diagnosis but has most likely CP or MS, and  as Kirsten is studying phsiotherapy, she gets to practise some exercise methods with him, to decrease his scoliuses.
Regarding the old lady, she is 70-75 year old and she fell down a steep road injuring her head, neck and shoulders. Kirsten is helping her with  some exercises so she will suffer less from the injury.

I will inform you of more things as they come…have a good Holi .”


Nuwakot village (Pic:explore himalaya)

Volunteering/ GAP year

Two Norwegian Volunteers in Nuwakot Village

Taliah & Kirsten, our two volunteers from Norway who are on a month long sojourn in Nuwakot Village, are making the most of their time involving themselves in community work and helping out villagers. According to them they begin their day with a walk downhill to the village’s dhunge dhara (traditional stone water spout) early in the morning to fetch water and to wash up.

dhara- Nuwakot

While Taliah is busy teaching and assissting the local teachers at Shree Bhairabi Higher Secondary School, Kirsten is back from attending the wedding festivities and is now helping out at the village’s sole Health Post. She said that she is assissting the doctor in providing Physiotherapy to an old lady patient.  Both of them agree that the villagers are quite helpful and cooperative and have gone out of their way in welcoming them.

Volunteering/GAP Year Student Programme

Volunteering – Life in a Nepali Village

Looks like our volunteers from Norway, Kirsten & Taliah have both immersed themselves in village life. A lengthy telephone call to Taliah revealed that Kirsten is away with her host family (the local family she is staying with) attending a wedding in Trishuli Bazaar. We believe she is having a great time at the wedding wearing a ‘sari’ and dancing to the wedding band’s tunes. According to Taliah, Kirsten will be gone for at least 4-5 days as she will be attending all the ceremonies. So while we wait for Kirsten to fill us up on her ‘Nepali wedding experience’, Taliah confided that she is busy exploring the village- walking around , getting acquainted with the villagers and the NGO workers. She said that she has become pretty familiar with the school teachers and students at the Nuwakot Village school.

Nuwakot Village
Nuwakot Village (Pic: Valeriy Garkal)

Explore Himalaya’s Community Service Project

Volunteering & Cultural Exchange Program – King George V School (Hong Kong) Group in Nuwakot (18th – 21st October 2008)

A group of  23 students and 4 teachers from King George V school arrived from Hong Kong for their Nepal visit. After arriving in Kathmandu, they left for Nuwakot, where they spent three days interacting with the schoolchildren of Bhairabi Higher Secondary School. Going through their pictures, it seems the group had a fun and enjoyable time. According to our office team, who had accompanied the group to Nuwakot, the children expressed their admiration for the folks of Nuwakot whom they felt, “were happy with so little, didn’t have enough but were so hospitable and welcoming.”

Now the group is on a trek to Everest Base Camp.

Some memorable moments from the trip, captured on film

Perfecting their moves, before they left for Nuwakot( At Shangrila Hotel)

Ready to head to Nuwakot

“This planet is ours and we need to keep it green!”- Tree plantation program

Art and Craft class in progress

“This is how we brush it!” – Health Education

Teaching the kids to make cards

Yak yak tiger – A game in progress

“Yeah that’s you!” – Sharing photographs

Painting Expressions- Straight from the heart

KGVrs’ rocking in Nuwakot

KGVrs (in yellow) interacting with the local students

Gifts that seem to gladden their hearts – The visitors admiring their farewell gifts

KGVrs boys pose with Mr.Shyam Shrestha , Principal, Bhairabi Higher Secondary School

Bidding a teary farewell

The KGV school group stayed for three days. But the short time was enough for the kids to bond.Another tearful goodbye.

Group photo of the participants – Nuwakot 2008

[Photo Credit: Sampurna Lata Tuladhar]