Travelers have no problem in Nepal

The dust of quake 2015 had settled down but the crisis of daily utilities in Nepal because of Indian Undeclared Blockade is rising every day. Normalcy is Nepal has been a myth for years and the lifestyle that Nepalese are bound to practice in the recent times could be fascinatingly weird for the western travelers. Despite so many adverse consequences, the entire nation and especially the tourism entrepreneurs of the country still urge travelers to travel to Nepal, Why?

We have tried to list some logical reasons why travelers should travel to Nepal at the present.


Nothing has changed for the travelers

Of course the devastating quake has ruined lives of a million Nepalese living in the Central Nepal and the undeclared Blockade by India has impacted on the life of every Nepali. However, nothing has bothered the operational activities for the travelers who have traveled to the country right after the quake or during the recent crisis because of the blockade. Sounds strange but the good news for travelers planning to travel to Nepal; it is absolutely true. Every tour operator in Nepal has pushed to the limits to cater a holiday as beautiful as it used to be during normal conditions. Hotels are operating well, the transportation for tourists are prioritized to fill their fuel tanks and the restaurants are catering services well though with fixed or limited menu. In short, Nepal is as normal as it was before for the travelers –nothing has changed for them.

nothing has changed for travelers-poonhill


The quake has grounded so many beautiful monuments in the major heritage sites of the capital and neighboring districts like Nuwakot and Gorkha. Exploring Nepal at the present allows travelers to witness the contrast of these sites before and after the quake. In fact, we are not promoting the disaster tourism but to sight the renovation process of mega UNESCO World Heritage Sites is of course an opportunity to become a part of the process Nepal bouncing back better. Moreover, the remote villages of Central Nepal have suffered a lot to the quake. Hence, putting small effort on rebuilding all these villages and extending the helping hands to the helpless, who really need the basics required for a life at the moment, would grant you the ultimate satisfaction that everyone presumes the best feeling ever.


Resilience of Nepalese

No matter what the nature strikes or the country suffers badly because of immature diplomatic policy or say regional bullism, Nepalese have maintained their heads up with the beautiful smiles on their faces. The people of Nepal were earlier known for bravery and kindness and now you can see the new attribute within Nepalese that manifests extreme resilience. Anyone who travels to Nepal at the present appreciates this extremely beautiful quality of the Nepalese that demonstrates how to live a life peacefully despite lacking so many necessary needs. Quality life that westerners think about is miles away in Nepalese hills that shakes travelers’ soul and at the meantime it also generates more respect to the brave clan of Nepalese who struggle to live but refuse to bow their heads down.

Resilience of Nepalese

Resilience of Nepalese1

Highlighting Aspects

The land of Himalayas, the melting point of Hinduism of Buddhism, the home to many endangered floral and faunal species, the capital of White water and the abode to extremely diverse tribal clans, Nepal is truly one of the nations in the world that has choke full of highlighting aspects in its every corner. For a traveler having diverse preferences, Nepal has it all. Adventure seekers who would love to push beyond the limits or the gentle traveler who prefers capturing beautifully unique moments, Nepal is the ideal destination in terms of affordability and diverse products it caters. Trekking to the base camps of Himalayan giants, cultural tours to the historic heritage sites and the diverse kind of adventure activities are the main traveler’s focused products Nepal sells across the world.


Adventurous Hub

The hub of adventure is undoubtedly Nepal. For example African countries host the best wildlife activities but they lack all the other funs travelers prefer to see during one particular holiday. Likewise Europe caters exotic holidays and admirable human civilization but the continent lacks the wildlife activities in general. Every continent on earth caters one extremely thrilling adventure but lacks another. Here in Nepal it is different. Though the size of the country is 22 times smaller than India and 66 times smaller than China, it hosts all kinds of adventures i.e. air, water, land and jungle. Events like Everest Skydive is remarked as the most thrilling adventure across the world by many travel related websites and magazines. Similarly, the bungee jump, paragliding, zip-flying and mountain flights are other great aerial adventures that allow the closest sight of Himalayas and alluring landscapes in close proximity to Himalayas. Similarly walking for days to reach the magnificent destination at the foothill of Himalayan giants are great adventures in the land and travelers across the world call it-  trekking. Nepal is also the home to more than 6000 rivers and rivulets, which makes country the best destination for white water rafting. With 14 protected parks and conservation areas, Nepal is also the hub for mild wildlife activities allowing travelers chances to sight rare endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhino and of course the elusive snow leopard.


ESD 2015

Is Nepal safe ?

“New York City mom murdered on vacation in Turkey”

“A man hosting Dahlia Yehia through confessed to beating her to death and dumping her body in a river.”

“English man and family found stabbed to death in Gibraltar”

“Canadian found murdered on beach in Los Cabos Mexico”

All the above listed headlines make travelers to give a second thought on their travel plans. However, the worst travel nightmares happen across the world as the place declared safest to travel might suffer natural calamities and of course, the people having criminal mentality live everywhere.

travel safety in nepal

To be killed or assaulted in a foreign soil, where help is uncertain and the people around are strangers is the worst thing travelers could imagine. However, the news of travelers murdered, abused, robbed or raped frequently gets space in global media. Recently, an American teacher was killed in Pokhara. Surprisingly the person accused to brutally murder her was her host, whom she knew through and had been staying in his apartment for three days before she got  killed. She did no wrong to travel  through as the site has established great relationships between the good hosts and the passionate travelers.

Travelers are equipped with all the necessary travel documents required during the holidays in the Himalayas. Apart from all the paper-works there are few practical things, travelers need to consider themselves and hence focus on implementing these to enjoy safe holidays in the beautiful wilderness of the Himalayas.

travel safety in nepal

Having said this, we would like convey strong and valid message regarding travel safety in Nepal. The objective of this post is to aware travelers in Nepal regarding the least possible incidents that could happen. We as the responsible tour and trek operator assure travelers that Nepal is safe destination to travel, where guests are treated as Gods and Nepalese are kind, helpful and courageous people who are known for warm welcoming attributes with whatever resources they acquire.

When you plan your holiday in Nepal, the prime factor to consider is to choose the reputed local operator that has credible records of hosting safe tours or treks. While choosing the tour or trek operator make sure the company has acquired license to operate holidays across Nepal for the foreign travelers from the Ministry of Tourism and Nepal Tourism Board. Take time to figure out the organizations your possible operator is accredited or associated with. Make sure the company you have picked is also the member of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN). It is better if you travel with the trustworthy company referred by your friends or families. We also suggest to note down the contact details of your country’s embassy in Nepal.

travel safety in nepal

Lone travelers who travel to Nepal without the operational support of local operator have been victims of fatal incidents caused by some uncivilized and the ill mentality people or by the other unpredictable consequences triggered by the nature. The same thing happened during the devastating quake 2015. Most of the travelers who died or went missing during quake 2015 were traveling around Nepal without the crew and guide support from the local operator.

Another important factor that trekkers need to know while undertaking challenging adventurous trekking holiday in Nepal is not to push beyond the limit.  Do not push hard and follow the instructions of your guides so that you can save yourselves during the hard times in the remotest corner of the Himalayas.

Many trekkers die in elevated regions of the Himalaya because of Altitude Mountain Sickness- not everyone who died had ignored the instructions of their guides. However, we discovered the attribute of some trekkers to push to the extreme limit  to experience the biggest highlight of the trip despite having physical problems has been the reasons of their deaths. The adrenaline hungry adventurers in Nepal, craving to feel the thrills of extreme adventures shall also seriously consider the instructions given by guides and the experts.

travel safety in nepal

Next important thing travelers in Nepal shall consider is regarding the nightlife in urban towns like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara are vibrant destinations to enjoy drinks, music and food during nights. However, even these places cater nightlife until 2 AM. 

These are safe places to party and security systems implemented in these locations are quite appreciable. However, we still suggest you to inform your tour operator about your whereabouts so that you are always into their loop. Doing so allows the local operator to immediately act for necessary backup.