Possible reasons why Nepal hit the list of top travel destination for 2016


The country devastated by the quake and unable to stand back on its feet properly right away began to suffer the crisis of essential goods and fuel because of the border agitation and blockade. However, Rough Guides and many other travel related websites and magazines listed destination Nepal as top must visit destination in 2016. Every tourism professional of Nepal offer true gratitude to all those websites and magazines, which evaluated Nepal as top travel destination for 2016.

Despite so many adverse aspects that could hinder every traveler trip in Nepal, why Nepal still hits the list of top travel destination for 2016. The big question is “Does Nepal really deserve to be on the list?”

In today’s blog we have tried to analyze why Nepal is still a preferable destination to travel in 2016.

As Rough Guides writes “Thoughtfully spent tourist dollars will go a long way here; choosing independent homestays and grass roots tour companies ensures money ends up in local pockets.”

Yes, while making a travel decision for 2016, a decision based on the country’s need of travelers to boost its economy shall play an important role. Nepal, the country that hugely depends on tourism, needs more travelers than ever in 2016. Houses demolished during the quake need to be rebuilt and people who have lost everything need help more than ever to stand back on their feet and tourism no doubt will play a big role.

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Having said that Nepal not only tops of the list because of the necessity of Nepalese living in quake affected villages of the country. Traveling to the quake affected villages to directly help quake survivors is just a small portion of entire country’s touristic highlights.

Nepal, the destination known for high altitude adventure taking travelers closer to the Himalayan giants is also a country that manifests ancient to medieval times arts and architectures choke full in the historical monuments and heritage sites. Despite quake triggered loss in few of these of landmarks, most of them are still intact and few of those, which suffered damages, are on the process of restoration. Only two trekking regions out of dozen were affected during the quake. Popular regions like Everest and Annapurna are as good as they were before the quake and reputed Engineering Firm based in US, Miyamoto International has verified it after their thorough assessments in the region. Moreover, the less popular trekking regions in Eastern or Western Nepal like, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and Mustang among others were not at all affected during the quake. Jungles catering wildlife activities, rivers known for thrilling white water rafting and the sky made for extreme adrenaline rush are flawlessly catering services to travelers in Nepal.


The reason that could have played a deciding role while picking destination Nepal on the list is, the attribute Nepalese demonstrated during the crisis –Resilience. Prior to April 25 2015, Nepalese were known for their bravery and kindness and during the time quake was continuously shaking Nepal, the degree of extreme resilience Nepalese demonstrated was appreciated by the world.

In brief three prime reasons, first the need of travelers to boost country’s economy, secondly, the non-affected popular trekking regions, landmarks and activities that still cater flawless touristic operations after the quake and third the admirable new attribute world discovered in Nepalese after the quake should have helped Nepal to make a place in the list of popular travel sites.