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Ms. Aura at Potala Palace

Ms. Aura Sholler from Venezuela was extremely delighted to meet our company representative at Kodari Border after the Overland Tibet Tour which was excitingly great. Ms. Aura, another brick on the wall of happy clients of Explore Himalaya quoted a short beautiful line regarding her trip.


Ms. Aura exploring Lhasa

“Thank you so so much,  for a fantastic Tibetan trip. My Everest dream came true, once again thanks to you guys. All was wonderful. I will tell my friends to contact you when they travel to China, Tibet, and/or Nepal”.


Ms. Aura colorful at colorful Lhasa


Ms. Aura at North Base Camp of Everest

Pic Courtesy: Ms. Aura Sholler

Tibet Overland Tour- Drive to Northern Base Camp of Everest


Ms. Anita Bager and Mr. Peter Nilsson celebrated the holiday during the Tibet Overland Tour which includes Tibetan capital Lhasa and the drive on the feted Friendship Highway. As soon as they arrived to Lhasa they began to explore the cultural and spiritual monuments of Lhasa before they hit the road on Friendship Highway. Potala Palace, Sera and Deprung Monasteries, Jhokhang Temple and the typical Barkhor Square were the sites in Lhasa the Danish visitors through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel explored.

Then their trip on the 1000 km long Friendship Highway, from Lhasa to Kathmandu, crossed passed four passes above 5000m. The tempting vista of Yamdrok tso Lake at the 4447m was breathtaking and the panoramic view of glaciated peaks were outstanding throughout the ride. The ride went on to the historic city of Gyantse which prides on Gyantse Dzong. Down the isolated passes they rode down to Shigaste the Chinese Town with Tibetan Flavor. Shigaste 3900m nestles right below New Tingri.  Chasing the road towards South they arrived to Shegar, New Shegar, Rongphu Monastry and Everest Base Camp from the Tibetan side. From here the road brought them to Nepal via Nyalam and Zhangmu.

Tibet Overland Tour: Exceptionally great


Danish visitors Mr. Bak Sune Hyldelund and Ms. Sarah Klitgaard through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel recently had the wonderful Overland Trip to Tibet. Tibet, an autonomous region of China is the roof of the world. The trip commenced at the Tibetan capital Lhasa winding through the feted Friendship Highway and ended at Kathmandu.

Mr. Bak Sune quoted some beautiful lines regarding Tibet Overland Tour.

“Guides were always on time or before time. They had good sense of humor and everything was in perfect order. They coped very well while obtaining the necessary permits. They were very well composed while guiding us to the relaxing atmosphere of Tibet. The driver during the ride on the Friendship Highway was exceptionally great.”

Tibet Overland Tour 3


The jumbo group of sixteen Danish visitors, through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel was amazed to witness the wonders of Tibet, during their Tibet Overland Tour from July 2 to July 15 2013. The group earlier traveled around China.

Ms. Vinni Smed, one of the members of the group, as well as the tour leader for Kipling Travel made the beautiful comment after the completion of the trip which took her to the seventh heavens of China, Tibet and Nepal.

“The China-Tibet- Nepal tour is a fantastic travel experience, with lots of cultural and natural highlights rewarding us every day. The schedule was optimal and the group was overwhelmed and happy for all the impressions made”.

“We appreciate the world class service on the Friendship Highway, where our driver played an outstanding role. The itinerary was absolutely ideal which allowed thorough exploration of all significant sites”.

Cultural tour of Kathmandu


Tony Evans an Operation Director of Travel Directors Australia accompanied by Juan Carlos- a Peruvian partner of Travel Directors led the tour for 20 Aussies all the way from Beijing, China. From Beijing the visitors arrived to Lhasa, Tibet- an autonomous region of China. After, the completion of Overland Tour of Tibet as the Aussies arrived to Friendship Bridge on April, 26 2013, Explore Himalaya stepped in as their travel partner in Nepal. The tour led by Tony Evans was scheduled with three days of cultural tour of Kathmandu. The group drove along the Araniko Highway via Dhulikhel and was straight away escorted to Malla Hotel on April 26.

Next day the cultural tour to the sacred Buddhist and Hindu shrines began early morning. First day was scheduled for the Mega Hindu pilgrimage of Nepal- Pashupatinath and the Buddhist Mecca- Boudhanath. The day also entertained the visitors with the walking tour of Thamel .

Next day the Aussie group resumed the glorious tour with an hour long scenic mountain flight which included the panoramic aerial view of Everest. After, the Mountain flight the group once again was at the cultural sites of the valley. They explored the prehistoric Buddhist’s sacred temple Swayambhunath, which is also called as Monkey Temple and the artistic example of medieval Nepal- Kathmandu Durbar Square and Kumari Temple.

On April 29, 2013 the group made an exodus to Paro Bhutan.

Tibetan Highway Tour.


Four Aussies arrived to Lasha on December 11 and right away drove 183km to Tsedang 3550m. Their Overland Tour of Tibet would begin after few days of sightseeing tour around Lasha. On the list of places to visit in Lasha they made to Yarlung Valley, Samye Monastery, Potala Palace, Ganden Monastery and Nmatso Lake. They also rejoiced a leisure time wondering the streets of authentic Barkhor Square.

As their Overland Tour began on December 19 the first day they drove 261km to Gyantse 3950m sliding down passing the stunning Yamdrok Tse Lake. Covering all the major Tibetan cultural sites throughout the Friendship Highway the Aussie lineup drove to the Everest Base Camp which was the most exciting part of their highland journey.

As they were sliding down the passes after the five days drive they were at Zhangmu the last Tibetan City. After the immigration formalities the lineup entered Nepal.

During the journey along the Friendship Highway joining the two culturally unique nations; Tibet and Nepal, the lineup were absolute spellbound with the bountiful natural surprises on the Himalayan region.

One of the culturally richest city in the world: Kathmandu


Mr. Anthony from Britain accompanied six Aussies (John, Patricia, David, Daina, Barry and Graham) for the Overland tour of Tibet. As the tour ended at Nepal-China border at Kodari, the group was cordially welcomed to Nepal by Explore Himalaya. On a comfy coaster the group was escorted along the Araniko Highway towards Kathmandu.

The group had planned for the cultural sightseeing tour of Kathmandu valley, which is a part of the best of Nepal. Kathmandu is the city having worthwhile ancient history. The monuments here reflect the primeval cultural and religious practices in the region. Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Chnagunarayan and the Durbar Squares located at three different cities within the valley amplified the eagerness to our visitors to be acquainted with the myths and ideology related to these sites.

Nepal is culturally diverse nation and Kathmandu offers world’s few of the rarest cultures. The culture of Kumari, cultures associated with numerous jatras(festivals)  like, ghode, bisket, indra, machhindra and many more which, have been practiced for centuries in the same traditional ways make Kathmandu, a carnival city of Nepal.

Our visitors used their opportunity to get well acquainted with this glorious festival city. After, their short retreat in the city, they also wondered the streets of Thamel. The mixed flavor of Nepalese culture with modern amenities; Thamel provided our visitors the great time.

On 9 May, 2012 our visitors departed Nepal after their long Tibet tour followed by short visit to Nepal.




Tibet Overland Tour: An analysis.


Mr. Hansen Helmuth and Ms. Hansen Bodil had the Tibet Overland Tour with Explore  Himalaya last spring. These Danish visitors were with us through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel. The Overland Tour provides the perfect opportunity to explore around the capital of Tibet, Lasha. The 1000km long drive along the famous Friendship Highway exploring Tibetan cities like Gyantse, Shigaste and Shegar is one of the most popular highland tours in the world. The most exciting part of the tour is to drive on a four-wheeler to the famous Everest Base Camp for the glorious views of Mountain giants like Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and many more. The visits to the spiritually sacred monasteries in the secluded Himalayas of Tibetan region is also a significant cultural tour.

Mr. and Ms. Hansen  rated their tour services provided by explore Himalaya as below:

Airport and Hotel Transfer: Excellent

Service at Hotel: Good

Itinerary: Good

Tour Guide: Excellent

Language: Excellent

Guiding Proficiency: Excellent

Vehicle’s condition: Excellent

Service of the Driver: Excellent

Tibetan Agents: Good

Overall Remarks

“The tour was extra-ordinary. We enjoyed a lot. Hotels in Lasha were good, hotels in Kathmandu were excellent and the hotels on the highway were okay. We would recommend for slight improvisation in the hotels on the Highway. The drivers and the guides through out the journey were exceptionally fantastic”.