Recce Trek to the virgin hills of Sindhupalchowk

Explore Himalaya recently organized a recce trek to Sindhupalchowk district for some European clients. Though Sindhupalchowk is located just a few miles from the country’s capital Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed districts in Nepal. Lying close to the Tibetan border, Sindhupalchowk’s verdant hills, mountain settlements, virgin forests, pristine rivers (Bhotekoshi & Sunkoshi) and waterfalls and panoramic Himalayan views are enough to lure any intrepid traveler.

The team comprising of guides, clients and staff from explore Himalaya hiked for three days through virgin forests and hill top villages, staying overnight at local homes. With no other tourists in sight and just an occasional local to share the trail with, the group had a wonderful trekking experience. They began their trek from Jalbire and hiked through Bishankhu, Deurali, Thagam, Chagam/Sherpagaon and Listikot. From Listikot, the group made a final descent to the 'Last Resort', where their trek ended.


Meeting & greeting


Trekking through a lonely trail


Taking a breather and enjoying the views


Village of Deurali

Himalayan peaks

View of Tibetan peaks from above Deurali village


Taking in the mountain views


Thagam Village


An uphill hike 


Sherpagaon , the village of the Anis. This unique settlement in Sindhupalchowk is the retreat of a community of Anis or buddhist nuns. Except for the Anis, no other people live here. The village has a 'gompa' (monastery) and houses where the Anis live.


Anis (Buddhist nuns) at Sherpagaon


Making butter tea the traditional way – Anis working in their kitchen.

view from Listikot

The final leg of the trek – View from Listikot. The highway below is the road leading to Kodari (Nepal – Tibet border). The metal suspension bridge spans the Bhotekoshi river and connects 'The Last Resort' and other villages across the river to the highway.


Bungy jumping at 'The Last Resort'- final adrenaline rush!

(Pics: Explore Himalaya)