Together EVERYONE Achieves More!!!


Team Explore Himalaya

Team Explore Himalaya during the Team Building Workshop

Team Building can be simply stated as “less me and more we”. Acknowledging the fact that strength lies in differences not in similarities, Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure, an adventurous based leading Tourism Company in Nepal gave a wonderful start to the Team Building Workshop.


Making a perfect Square- needs cooperation, patience and a great teamwork

A professional team of management motivators from Chrysalid, Outdoor Learning Center based in Delhi, India was with the enthusiastic team of Explore Himalaya for the Team Building Workshop from July 26 to July 28, 2013 in the tranquil location over the clouds in Kakani Scout Home.


Let’s make a circle…

A chief motivating mentor Mr. Ronny Gulati with the firm support of Mr. Vikas Bhasin and Mr. Percy Fernandez, conducted several interesting team building activities. The activities involved kinesics, brain training games, brainstorming techniques for problem solving and trivia quizzes. The awakening sessions at the end of each activity, were inspiring and motivating with the important moral. The challenges put during the workshop, focused on the daily activities we go through. Analyses were made upon our reaction and hence the lessons were offered to increase our efficiency as a team. The team of Explore Himalaya was utterly convinced that the team building games and activities were useful in executing organizational plans and strategies to achieve more and helped the participants to see things differently and use different thinking styles.


We can score in a Team


C’mon Let’s settle down for a common answer- Twenty


Performance is way ahead than a given Challenge- together we did it. 



Take a jump- we are here to hold you safe

Team Games and exercises helped with inspiring the brain, developed in holding of ideas. Apart from the enlightening aspect, the team building workshop let the jubilant team of Explore Himalaya to come across an opportunity to passionately intermingle with each other. The President of Explore Himalaya Mr. Suman Pandey was overwhelmed with all the participants for the zestful participation during the workshop campaign.


We could have won more- win as much as you can


Moral followed the fun- Mr. Ronny providing abundance of moral



Health is wealth- Yoga Session

Team Explore Himalaya extends the honest gratitude to Mr.Ronny, a wise mentor, his wonderful supporters for the workshop Mr. Vikas and Mr. Percy and the entire team of Chrysalid Outdoor Learning Center.


Little dynamite of Explore Himalaya getting enlightened


Explore Himalaya leader Mr. Suman Pandey with Team Building Mentor Mr. Ronny and his co-workers Mr. Vikas and Mr. Percy


Green Explore T-shirt offered to Mr. Ronny

Thank you once again, we went as individuals and returned as a team, revitalized and very well organized.  


All our bags are packed ready to go- Revitalized Team Explore on the way back to Workplace


Work will be fun now- Team Explore ready to deliver more