Annapurna Skydive 2013


A glimpse of  fun in the sky during Annapurna Skydive 2013

The crew of Everest Skydive and Explore Himalaya conducted test jumps for Annapurna Skydive 2013.Few lucky clients also had the opportunity to skydive during the event. Pokhara, a city located 200 km west of Kathmandu is the Base for Annapurna Skydive. Fishtail Air operated sixteen loads on November 12 and 13 during Annapurna Skydive 2013. The drop-zone of the event was at Pame, a spot closely located to tourist hub of Pokhara, Lakeside. Here, we have day-to-day details of Annapurna Skydive 2013 which includes skydives performed by the crew and the clients. During Annapurna Skydive test jumps twenty one solo jumps and 9 tandem jumps were made.ASD-2013-7

Client ready for the tandem jump during Annapurna Skydive 2013 

November 12 2013,

Load 1:  9:30 am

Paul Henry De Baere   (solo)                                                   

Joseph Johnson (solo)   

Tom Noonan (solo)   

Load 2:  9:30 am

Gaurav Man Shrestha tandem jump with Tom Noonan 

Derek Thomas (solo)   

Load 3:  9:30 am

Jorge Miclos (solo)   

Paul Henry De Baere (solo)   

Joseph Johnson (solo)   

Wendy Smith (solo)   

ASD-2013-6Hair raising adventure- Annapurna Skydive at Pokhara (City well known for Aerial Adventures)

Load 4: 11:20 am

Manoj Bikram Pandey tandem jump with Ryan  Jackson

Tom Noonan (solo)   

Load 5:  11:55 am

Laura Coe tandem jump  with Tom Noonan

Wendy Smith(solo)

Load 6: 12:45 pm

Phul Bdr Tamang (solo)   

Dik Bdr Khirsina (solo)   

Tom Noonan (solo)   

Ryan Jackson (solo)   


Solo divers during Annapurna Skydive 2013

Load 7: 12:45 pm

Alexander Behse (solo)   

Paul Henry De Baere (solo)   

Derek Thomas (solo)   

Wendy Smith (solo)   

Load 8: 12:45 pm

Pratap Babu Tiwari tandem jump with Ryan Jackson

Tom Noonan (solo)   

Load 9: 3:34 pm

Paul Henry De Baere (solo)   

Jorge Miclos  (solo)   

Joseph Johnson (solo)   

Wendy Smith (solo)   


Tandem dive with the tandem master during Annapurna Skydive 2013

Load 10: 3:34 pm

Prakash Karuppaswamy tandem jump with Ryan Jackson

Derek Thomas (solo)   

Load 11:  3:34 pm

Praveennath Ghanta tandem jump with Tom Noonan

Ryan Jackson (solo)   


Free falling can be fun

Day 2: November 13 2013

Load 1: 9:40 am

Paul Henry De Baere (solo)   

Kristin Merritt tandem jump with  Joseph  Johnson

Jorge Miclos (solo)   

Load 2: 9:47 am

Daniel tandem jump with Ryan Jackson

Derek Thomas (solo)   

ASD-2013-10Feast to the eyes: mountainous landscapes during Annapurna Skydive   

Load 3: 10:34 am

Corly tandem jump with Joseph Johnson

Paul Henry De Baere

Wendy Smith (solo)   

Load 4: 10:34 am

Feibe Jan  tandem jump with Ryan Jackson

Derek Thomas (solo)   


ASD-2013-9Parachute takes you higher and glides in the air after the free fall  

Fishtail Air operated an additional flight load carrying Ryan Jackson, Tom Noonan,Wendy Smith, Alexander Behse and Derek Thomas for the test jumps during Annapurna Skydive 2013. The five professional divers also the crew of Everest Skydive and Annapurna Skydive successfully landed at Manang drop-zone after the skydives in the closer shadows of Annapurna.


Drop zone at Pame, Pokhara


Everest Skydive 2011

The world’s highest skydiving event, Everest Skydive is underway. According to our contact at Shyangboche, jumps were held at Shyangboche drop zone on 22nd & 23rd October.
Jump day- 22nd October, 2011, around 9:10 Am (local time)
Solo Jumps- Dawie  Du Plessis (South Africa), Derek Thomas(UK), Mario Gervasi (France)
Jump Day- 23rd October, 2011, around 10:50 AM (local time)
Solo Jumps- Wendy Smith (New Zealand), Dawie du Plessis (South Africa), Phillip Smith(USA), Derek Thomas (UK)
Tandem Jumps-Priscilla Telmon (France)with tandem master Ryan Jackson(UK), Klaus L.M. Gachter (USA) with tandem master Ryan Jackson , Jean-Marc Nowak (France) with Mario Gervasi (France)

Priscilla-tanndem jump

Tandem Jump -Priscilla Telmon (France)with tandem master Ryan Jackson


Solo Jump- Phillip Smith

(Pic: Wendy Smith)

Everest Skydive 2010 (Autumn) Begins!

And the World’s Highest Skydiving adventure Everest Skydive gets underway….

Test jumps for the Autumn edition of Everest Skydive 2010 took place at Shyangboche (12350 feet) dropzone today (13th October 2010).


Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas (UK)  jumped  solo  from 25,000 feet while tandem master Kevin Hardwick(UK) made a tandem jump with German camera flier/ television producer Alex Behse from the same height.

Tandem-test jump

Tandem Jump – Alex Behse with tandem master Kevin Hardwick

Both the jumps were made from Tara Air’s Pilatus porter aircraft at around 12 noon(local time).


Watch this space for more updates!

(Photos:Wendy Smith)