Swasthani Brata Katha Begins- a month long fasting

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The Holy Book of Swasthani Brata Katha

Swasthani Brata, devoted to Goddess Swasthani begins on 23 Jan Saturday. The fasting (Brata) that lasts for a month falls during January & February every year starting from Poush Sukhla Purnima(Full Moon Day of 9th month) and will end on the day of Magh Sukla Purnima(Full Moon Day of 10th Month).

During this period, Hindu devotees take a month long strict fasting. They worship the goddess Shree Swasthani and read or hear the Swasthani Brata Katha (Tale of Swasthani) with the belief that the hardships they go through during a month long fasting will fulfill their wishes.

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People at Salinadi during Swasthani Brata last year

Just 17km far from Kathmandu lies a holy river of Salinadi, which is the centre of devotees during the Swasthani Brata. According to the myth, Chadrawati who was cursed by the god, took an advice from a fairy and went through tough fasting beside this river to please Godess Swasthani. Later when she succeeded to please the goddess, she got freed from all her sins and was granted with the blessings. Thereafter, fasting during this period beside Salinadi has been a tradition.