How to prepare yourself for long & strenuous trek in Nepal?

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal

Nepal presents wide range of options for trekking. Most of the popular treks are quite easy to undertake while few of them acquiring outstanding rewards are incredibly challenging. To undertake these strenuous treks one needs to get prepared physically, mentally and financially so that every challenge that comes across during the trek gets overcome without hiccups of any sort. Normally trekkers having prior high altitude treks and know-how of outdoor activities like rope climbing and wilderness hiking prefer to attempt strenuous treks in the Himalayas of Nepal. It doesn’t refer that a novice trekker can’t undertake these treks. We have plenty of first-timers who have successfully completed hard treks.

This article is based on the experiences shared by our past trekkers who easily enjoyed treks to above 5000m during their first visit to Nepal. Please have a look at the tips that are integral if you are planning a strenuous trek in Nepal anytime soon.

Work Out

In 2014, we had a couple from Denmark, who went on Everest Base Camp Trek and that was their first trek in the Nepalese Himalayas. Heidi Senderovitz who was on the trek with her husband knew that making up to Everest Base Camp 5357m is an achievement itself. They successfully completed the trek. On their return from the trek, Heidi said the work out they did for months as trek preparation was really very helpful.

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal

3-4 months prior to your departure start working out for the trek. Here the workout refers to running, walking and gaining as much as higher elevation available in close proximity. Run or walk for 2-3 hours every day for couple of months. This will help you during your trek as it establishes your habit of walking.  Gaining elevation will help you acclimatize with higher altitude.

Doctor’s POV

Once you make plans of high altitude trek, do not forget to visit your doctor. Make sure you are in good shape to undertake the trek. Listen to doctor’s suggestions and if you have respiratory problems or problems of any sort that could hinder your trek, abort the trek or take genuine suggestions like medications so that your trek becomes flawless. We suggest not pushing for the strenuous treks if you have serious health issues.

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal


Strenuous treks can sometimes lead to fatal consequences. No one can avoid the fact that some serious incidents might occur. Sometimes your health may not support at other times weather could be the barrier. Whatever the reason is, immediate rescue and evacuation is necessary if any unseen circumstances that risks your life comes across. Hence, insurance is must. In Nepal high altitude Helicopter rescue and evacuation plus the medical expenses could be unpredictably expensive. So buy an insurance policy that covers all the expenses, which could go close to US $ 10,000.

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal

Mentality to endure

Most of the strenuous treks guide you to the wilderness and remoteness of Nepal. Considering the geographical conditions, which are so challenging enough to expect luxurious accommodations and varieties of food cuisines could be insensible. At places, trekkers need to accommodate in a lodge, which provides very basic facilities. So folks this is Himalaya and getting prepared mentally to take whatever comes in between for survival is necessary.

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal

Gather information

Though trekkers are provided the guidance from veteran trek guides, but arriving Nepal naïve for a strenuous high altitude trek is not a wise decision. Read enough books about Nepal, gather as much as information about the trekking region you are hiking. Acquire the information on trekking gears, weather of Nepal and so many other stuffs, which would definitely help you enjoy a better trek.

How to prepare for strenuous and long trek in Nepal