Evergreen Nepali Songs for Traveling

Travelling and music most of the times complement each other. In modern day traveling, camera and music are the most integral parts. Music always plays significant role in making the environment more enjoyable. Either it is singing songs inside the vehicle during a long  journey or during a campfire; music always manifests that it is the best understood global language. It also brings people closer making the whole environment pleasant and wonderful.

Keeping that in mind, we highlight some evergreen Nepali songs that you might consider learning that could fit in during your travel to Nepal.

Resham Firiri


This song can be entitled as the anthem for travelers to Nepal. Most of the travelers can actually sing a few verses of this song.

Kehi Meetho Baat Gara


It is one of the most loved romantic songs by Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal. Lyrics of this song are so touchy once you understand it.



Famous for combining typical folk music with modern day pop and rock, Nepathya is one of the most popular bands of Nepal representing all generations. Nepathya is also the only band to perform a successful concert in Wembley Stadium. Resham, the song by Nephatya is evergreen joyful song of Nepal.


Simsime Pani Ma


It is a typical folk song about rain sung in many occasions in Nepal.


Lekali Choyako Doko


It is a typical Nepali folk song with typical Nepali lyrics. The melody of the song makes you listen to it over and over again.