The Big Game – Trip Report

The Big Game – Trip Report

Explore Himalaya recently organized a team building program ( 7 nights) entitled ‘The Big Game’ for members of the MTS Retail , Russia which had 74 participants. After their arrival at TIA, the team was transferred to Nagarkot from where their trip officialy started. Below is the day by day report followed by the group.


 Day 1(10th May):  After their arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, the team was transferred to Nagarkot from where their trip officially started. At Nagarkot some activities on Team Building took place along with an enlightening Photography lesson and a cookery workshop on “Nepalese Cuisine” conducted by the F&B team of Country Villa Resort, Nagarkot. The group got to learn first hand how to prepare a Nepalese meat curry.


Day 2 (11th May) : After an early breakfast, the participants got to attend a workshop on “Business Management” was held at the hotel. The trainer of the program was well renowned trainer and resource person Mr. Jonas Ridderstrale whom the MTS group had hired. Dr. Ridderstråle is  one of the world’s most influential and respected business thinkers and speakers and a management guru of note. He is the author of the international bestsellers Funky BusinessKaraoke CapitalismFunky Business Forever, and Re-energizing the Corporation.The 2009 ‘Thinkers 50’ the biennial ranking of management thinkers, ranked him at number 23 globally and put him on the top-five list in Europe.

management guru

 After the training, the group had a hearty lunch and was transferred to Jalbire, the starting point of the trek. The group trekked for 5 hours, from 4 pm-8 pm to reach Bishankar, the first camp. This was a special plan incorporated to make the group walk at night, in the dark with the help of a torch.



Day 3 (12th May):After last evening’s tiring hike, the group woke up refreshed  early in the morning for some meditation and yoga lessons. Yoga lesson was conducted by learned yogacharya, Dr.Subodh Shukla. After the lessons, the energized group members had their breakfast and set off for the day’s trek. After walking for 3-4 hours the group lunched at Deurali. Situated at an elevation of 2400m , Deurali offered the best viewpoint to view Himalayan peaks enroute. After lunch and enjoying the views the group headed to Thagam(1800m). The group reached the camp around 4 p.m where they were received warmly by the locals and school students. After the traditional welcome with ‘tikas’ and ‘khadas’ the group relaxed and played games like carom board and cricket at the camp. Afterwards the group enjoyed traditional Nepali music and local wine with BBQ dinner. 






Day 4 (13th May) : The third day of the trek was the most challenging one for the group. After some early morning yoga lessons they started the trek right after breakfast. It was a long day’s trek for the group.  It took them 5 long hours to reach the lunch point Sampukhani which was situated at a river bank. After lunch, the tired group hiked uphill for 3 hours to reach the third camp. En route they passed by the villages of Damje and Ghipche. The members were happy to reach the camp and rest their weary legs. After enjoying a hearty meal/ dinner, the group retired early.




Day 5 (14th May): The fourth day was comparatively  easy for the group as the trial was easy and they had to walk less. After yoga lessons, the group visited the Buddhist Nunnery ( Ani gomba)in Chaggam (2600m). Chaggam or Sherpagaon is known as the village of the Anis(Buddhist nuns). This unique settlement in Sindhupalchowk is the retreat of a community of Anis or buddhist nuns. Except for the Anis, no other people live here. The village has a 'gompa' (monastery) and houses where the Anis live. The group took pictures and interacted with the Buddhist nuns. The group then trekked to Listimai (named after the shrine of a Hindu goddess located at the place) where they had lunch and took rest for some time. After lunch, the group made the final leg of their trek and descended to ‘The Last Resort’ located near Nepal- Tibet border.  The group had a fun time. 15 people had enough to try out canyoning which they enjoyed thoroughly from the high bridge. Evening ended with everyone enjoying a sumptuous dinner and round of drinks.



Day 6 (15th May):The fifth day was the jump day for the group and more than 50 participants made their bungee jumps and Canyon swing from the high bridge. The group enjoyed the bungee so much that many of them had a second go. After lunch , the group  was transferred to their hotel in Kathmandu. A surprise Birthday party for one of the participants made the day more memorable for the group. 



Day 7 (16th May): The group spent the sixth day sightseeing in the Kathmandu valley. They visited Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath and Patan Durbar Square. In order to make their last evening in Nepal   memorable, Explore Himalaya arranged a farewell dinner for the group at a traditional Nepali restaurant, ‘Utsav’. Enjoying authentic Nepali cuisine and Nepali cultural show, the group ended their trip on a merry note dancing to the tunes of Nepali folk songs.


Nepal charms Russian Incentive Group

Explore Himalaya recently organized an incentive trip to Nepal for mid to high level employees of a Russian company, MTS. The group trekked through the hills of Sindhupalchowk, rounding up their trek with an exciting bungee and swinging adventure at ‘The Last Resort’ located near Kodari, the Nepal-Tibet border. Explore Himalaya caught up with the group on their return to Kathmandu and talked with some of the group leaders. Here’s what they had to say:

– Konstantin,  Moscow
“Explore Himalaya did a very good job of organizing this trip. The staff were very friendly and the trek was an unforgettable experience! I can talk about it for hours!! Our guide was very polite, friendly, told us many interesting things about the life of the Nepalese. We really enjoyed it, and had the most favorable impression. The bungee jump and the subsequent tour of Kathmandu were very impressive. I jumped twice – swing and bungee.

The support staff and guides from Explore Himalaya were all very polite, alert and did their best to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable.After the completion of the trip, I realized how difficult it must have been for Explore Himalaya to organize this trek. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into organizing this trip and I commend Explore Himalaya for organizing it so smoothly. Surprises were at every turn – in the city, and during the trek but everything got solved. Trekking was a pleasant experience for me. The weather helped us and we were able to see the snow capped Himalayan mountains. It was a daunting organizational challenge, but kudos to Explore Himalaya for making a success of it. With so many uncontrollable factors, everything was organized perfectly!”

– Mikhail, Rostov-na-Donu
“To get on this “Big Game” and experience the emotions with such a force is something I will not experience anywhere else. The huge adrenaline rush while bungeeing and swinging at the ‘The Last Resort’, is unforgettable. Trekking was great too! Nepal is an amazing country with its culture, and vivid contrasts, everywhere you look there is something interesting and unusual. The people are very friendly. Our trip was organized very well and I really enjoyed it.”
– Andrey, Moscow
“The program was very well organized. I have extensive experience traveling in Asia and I was very cautious initially. I was pleasantly surprised to find many things were better than I expected. I know it’s hard to plan something and follow the exact schedule. I constantly checked by our coordinating team all the circumstances of the way. I was very pleasantly surprised that, despite all the extreme conditions everything was organized so well. During the trek the meals were adapted to European taste, which I liked very much. I would recommend my friends to visit Nepal to participate in the treks, go for rafting, and learn more about the Himalayan flora and fauna. There are amazing changes in temperature at different altitudes. Nepal is ideal for family holidays. I would recommend people to come here with their families and children.”
– Mariya, Moscow
“I have a lot of impressions! It’s like a kaleidoscope, which adds up a new picture each time. It is an unusual country and I am glad that I managed to experience the culture. Through this journey I was able to learn the new capabilities of participants and my own. Thanks to the trekking and the final challenge – bungee jumping, we were all tried and tested. We visited a Buddhist nunnery in the morning and was very impressed with Pashupatinath and the cremation site. We ended our trek by bungee jumping and swinging. From our group (74 people) nearly all jumped, only a few people for obvious reasons could not make the jump. This is a good result for such a large group. During the trip, many people overcame their difficulties and fear and I am grateful to Explore Himalaya. I was struck by the fact that the President of your company personally accompanied us during the entire route. I do respect his gesture. I personally have a desire to come here with my family. I was not intimately familiar with Nepal and I have no experience in mountain travel, but this experience has made me return to Nepal again!”


Greetings & a warm welcome to the 74 strong Russian team from MTC, Russia

Explore Himalaya’s team extends a warm welcome to the 74 strong team from MTC, Russia who arrived today in Kathmandu for a team building session cum trekking expedition. Explore Himalaya is managing the group’s visit. The team will be visiting Nagarkot and later on will trek through the virgin trails of Sindhupalchowk. The descent to The Last Resort, Kodari will be the finale of the trek. EH wishes all the members a grand and memorable trip.





(Pics: Explore Himalaya)