Neal Beidleman & Other Members of ‘Mountain Trip Everest Expedition 2011’ summit Mount Everest

All eight members of the ‘Mountain Trip Everest Expedition 2011’,  reached the summit of Mount Everest this morning, May 20, 2011, between 8 AM to 9 AM, together with the climbing sherpas. The expedition has been organized by  ‘Mountain Trip’ – a US based adventure company.

Neal Beidleman, one of the members who summitted, is a survivor of the ill fated May 1996 Everest expedition where five climbers, including leader Scott Fischer, lost their lives. Their ordeal on the mountain has been chronicled by John Krakauer in his best selling book “Into Thin Air.” This is the first time that Neal Beidleman has returned to Everest after his fatal climb of 1996.

Explore Himalaya (local organizer of the expedition) congratulates the whole team including Neal Beidleman and expedition leader Bill Allen on their successful ascent.

Mountain trip Everest Expedition 2011
1. Bill Allen  (USA)
2. Scott Woolums(USA)
Neal Beidleman (USA)
4. Irenuez Szpot(Poland)
5. Greg Mellon (Cananda)
6. Chris Davenport(USA)
7. Newall Hunter (USA)
Ephraim Gildor (USA)
1. Tarke Sherpa
2. Temba Sherpa
3. Da Ounchu Sherpa
4. Karma Galjen Sherpa
5. Da Kusang Sherpa
6. Pasang Tedi Sherpa
7. Mindu Chirri Sherpa
8. Kaji Sherpa
9. Samden Sherpa
10. Da Finjo Sherpa
11. Da Pasang Sherpa

Report on Agence France Presse (AFP)