Kailash Yatra Coupled with Darshan with a Mahayogi

Mount Kailash

We would like to inform that members of our Kailash Mansarovar Heli Tour 2011 fixed departure groups will get an opportunity to meet revered Hindu spiritual guru and Mahayogi Pilot Baba.

About Pilot Baba

Pilot Baba, a Mahayogi and  revered Hindu spiritual leader, was known as Kapil Singh before he turned to spiritualism. He was a pilot of  the Indian Air Force and during the 1965 India-Pakistan war, he flew several sorties over Pakistani territory. Reports say his bombings killed many. But he decided to leave that life after he had a near death experience while flying a MiG aircraft in 1966. According to him when the controls failed he had a vision of his guru Hari Baba. He appeared in the cockpit of the plane and helped him land safely. After that experience he decided to become a Mahayogi and travel the world spreading the message of Love, Samadhi and Self realisation. His followers believe that Pilot Baba has special healing powers. He is famous for performing Samadhi, or death by interment. He claims to have buried himself in the Samadhi ceremony more than 100 times.

Pilot Baba

Pilot Baba

Pilot Baba will be in travelling to Kailash from 22nd June to 1st July 2011.If you wish to get his ‘darshan‘, join our ‘Kailash Mansarovar Heli Tour’ fixed departure groups.

Our  departure dates for 2011 are as follows;

1st Group- 18-29 June (Meeting with Pilot Baba on 26th June at Manasarovar)

2nd Group- 19-30 June (Meeting with Pilot Baba on 27th June at Darchen)

3rd Group (Pilot Baba’s Group) – 22 June- 1 July

4th Group- 26 June- 7 July (Meeting with Pilot Baba on 30th Manasarovar

To book your place, contact enquiry@explorehimalaya.com.

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