PATA Nepal Rapid Recovery Task Force handed over to tourism stakeholders of Nepal

Tourism Recovery Plan Nepal

Disaster Management and Recovery Experts Andrew Jones and Bert Van Walbeek handed over the Reports and Recommendations titled “The PATA Nepal Rapid Recovery Task Force” to the members of Tourism Recovery Committee, Nepal amidst the seminar today morning at Hotel Shangri-la. The document shall be guidelines for Tourism Recovery Committee Nepal during the process of recovering Nepalese Tourism Industry.

The former Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter, Mr. Ashok Pokhrel received “Report & Recommendations” booklet prepared the disaster management and recovery experts, Bert & Jones.

bert van walbeek pata

Mr. Walbeek who has been playing the integral role in recovering Nepalese Tourism after the quake said, “this is our recommendation based on several reports and assessments made by the stakeholders of Nepalese Tourism.

He added, “to execute these recommendations with proper plans and strategies within next three months is once again are the stakeholders of  Nepalese Tourism to ensure the recovery of the entire tourism industry in Nepal.”

The Vice President of PATA International Mr. Andrew Jones thanked all the attendees for being the part Tourism Recovery Task Force.

Mr. Jones said, “During the Recovery process PATA International will support to boost the tourism industry of Nepal in every possible way.”



Nepalese Tourism professionals unite for tourism Recovery Plan


Mr. Bert Van Walbeek,  Crisis Management and Recovery Expert on a slideshow presentation
Mr. Bert Van Walbeek, Crisis Management and Recovery Expert on a slideshow presentation

Looking at the News Channels in Bangkok gave us an idea that the half of Kathmandu is destroyed by the quake that hit Nepal on April 25. We arrived to Kathmandu and found out that the degree of damages as the media is manifesting is nowhere close to the fact. Yes the Himalayan capital has suffered a bit but not at that level media is showing. Portraying Kathmandu as devastated town is a perfect example that negative news sells.

Andrew Jones Vice President PATA & Bert Van Walbeek Crisis Management & Recovery Specialist


24 May 2015, Mr. Andrew Jones and Mr. Bert Van Walbeek today at Hotel Radisson in Kathmandu addressed the key persons of Nepalese Tourism Industry during the inspiring presentation entitled “Bouncing Back Better”.

After the powerful quake, the entire Tourism Industry of Nepal has united to form Tourism Recovery Committee. To boost the energy of Recovery Committee and to support the campaign Mr. Jones and Mr. Walbeek accepted the invitation and arrived to Nepal in a very short notice.  Amongst several other programs the Jones-Walbeek duo during the seminar delivered significant message to bounce back better from the state of crisis.


Mr. Andrew Jones, the Vice President of PATA addresses the Nepalese Tourism Personals
Mr. Andrew Jones, the Vice President of PATA addresses the Nepalese Tourism Personal

The brief presentation delivered by Crisis Management Expert, Van Walbeek highlighted the positive roles every tourism professional can play during the crisis into the tourism industry of Nepal. The presentation included the examples of successful campaigns implemented in different nations during the crisis of such levels. The bottom-line of the presentation suggested every attendee to do the right thing in the first time during the crisis.

Mr. Suman Pandey, Chairman PATA Nepal urges entire Tourism Community to unite for the recovery
Mr. Suman Pandey, Chairman PATA Nepal urges entire Tourism Community to unite for the recovery

Among the other speakers during the seminar was Mr. Suman Pandey the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter also the spokesperson of Tourism Recovery Committee, thanked Mr. Walbeek and Mr. Jones for the support. He also urged all his fellow professionals to participate in the Recovery Campaign and use their high profile networks to spread the positive news of Nepal in the global platform via social sites and the other means.

The Chief Administrative Officer of Nepal Tourism Board expressing his vision
The Chief Administrative Officer of Nepal Tourism Board expressing his vision

The Chief Administrative Officer of Nepal Tourism Board Mr. Ramesh Adhikari said, “The vision of Mr. Walbeek is the present necessity of Nepalese Tourism Industry”. He added, “If the expertise and experience of professionals like Walbeek and Jones integrates with the enthusiasm of Tourism Professionals of Nepal, the Campaign Bouncing Back Better would successfully achieve 100% result.

Chandra Mani Adhikari, the Officer of National Planning Commission and the Secretary of Ministry of Tourism Nepal Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha were also thankful to Mr. Jones and Walbeek. They expressed that the visionary support of Jones-Walbeek duo will boost in reviving the Tourism Industry of Nepal.



39th PATA AGM- Mr. Pandey once again elected the Chairman of Nepal Chapter

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Mr. Suman Pandey, for being elected as the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter from the 39th AGM of PATA Nepal Chapter. We would like to congratulate newly elected entire team of PATA Nepal Chapter and wish them as a successful term.

pata nepal AGM

 Suman Pandey, Chairman PATA Nepal Chapter

Pacific Asia Travel Association has played a leading role in promoting tourism industry globally and regionally and PATA Nepal chapter has proved itself as a forum of dynamic tourism entrepreneurs from all the cross section of Nepalese travel trade. The entire Tourism Industry of Nepal believes that guidance from the able and visionary leadership  of Mr. Pandey the experienced and young team of PATA Nepal Chapter not only will maintain and sustain the PATA legacy but will reach new heights.

pata nepal AGM

Honorable Finance Minister Ram Saran Mahat shares his words of wisdom

We were delighted to have honourable Finance Minister Dr. Ram Saran Mahat as the Chief Guest in the program. Despite his extremely busy schedule as the Finance Minister of Nepal Government he was among us and I would like extend our sincere gratitude for joining us and boosting our energy to lead and generate greater outputs in Nepalese Tourism.  Thank you so much Honorable Minister for gracing the occasion with your presence.

pata nepal AGM

Inspiring speech- Mr. Udaya Shamsher Rana

Special thanks to Mr. Udaya Samsher Rana, guest of honor and Honorable Member of Parliament and Constitution Assembly of Nepal. We were very much honoured to have you there, thank you sir.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha, Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Chairman of Nepal Tourism Board.

We were honoured today with the presence of Chairman of Indian Association of Tour Operators as the keynote speaker. Thank you so much for your kind presence and enlightening words and vision.

pata nepal AGM

Dignitaries attending 39th PATA AGM

We would also like to thank Mr. Basanta Mishra, Secretary cum treasures of PATA and former Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter. Similarly we would like to thank all the past PATA members for being with us till today. Equally we are thankful to all the travel trade fraternity for joining 39th AGM of PATA Nepal Chapter.

Hotel Annapurna deserves special thanks as the Hospitality partner.


pata nepal AGM

 PATA Nepal Chapter- the team










Prof. Chon and young Thai Entreprenuer Mr. Donavanik inspire New Gen of Nepal as PATA Nepal Chapter 38th AGM introduces Himalayan Travel Mart 2014


Dignitaries during 38th AGM of PATA Nepal Chapter

Recently held 38th Annual General Meeting AGM of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter decided to organize ´Himalayan Travel Mart´ (HTM) in Kathmandu in May. The first ever travel mart scheduled to be held from May 29 to 31 expects fifty buyers and sellers each from the global travel industry. Nepal Tourism Board is the main sponsor of the event. 

According to PATA Nepal Chapter, the potential buyers from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand and Russia are more likely to participate during the Travel Mart. Likewise, the tour operators from the Himalayan nations including Nepal, India, China, Bhutan as well as a number of tour operators from South East Asia, Africa, Central Asia and South America sharing similar markets as that of Nepal would approach the Mart to sell their travel products.

Jyotsna Lama Khadka, CEO of PATA Nepal Chapter, said “As a continuation of the Diamond Jubilee Year of the first ascent of Mount Everest and to celebrate the International Sagarmatha Day that falls on May 29 the travel mart is being organized.”

Also during the AGM, the veteran professor and the Dean of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mr. Kaye Chon and the idealistic and young tourism entrepreneur from Thailand Siradej  Donavanik delivered their power-point presentations which inspired the Next Gen Tourism Entrepreneurs of Nepal. Professor Chon highlighted the significance of Service Industry Leadership and Professional Development in Toursim whereas; Mr. Donavanik shared his experiences in Three Alignments of Tourism Business namely, Environment, Investing on People and De-commoditising Products and Services during his presentation.

Parallel to the conference during the event, PATA is also organizing sessions on marketing, management, human resource, information technology and their insinuations in tourism industry on the first day while B2B sessions will be conducted in the remaining two days.

PATA Nepal Chapter brings Dr. MICE to train the “ANTS” of Nepali Tourism Industry

walbeek Dr. MICE- Mr. Bert Van Walbeek from Winning Edge

During the workshop organized by PATA Nepal Chapter from 13th to 16th January 2014,  Mr. Bert Van Walbeek,  also known as Dr. MICE in the global tourism industry  trained the skills of Modern Destination Marketing Management and Writing Winning Proposals, to the aspiring professionals of Nepalese Tourism. During the event, PATA Students’ Chapter Nepal and Friends of PATA Media Pool were also launched.


Mr. Subash Niroula CEO, NTB and Mr. Ramesh Dhamala, President of TAAN offering membership pins and khadas to the members of newly launched PATA Students Chapter Nepal

Mr. Walbeek from Winning Edge conducted the effective workshop on Modern Destination Marketing Management on 13th and 14th January, and simultaneously the workshop on Writing Winning Proposal was carried out on 16th and 17th January, at Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), Rabi Bhawan. 205 participants from Tourism Industry including Hoteliers, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and people from other fraternities such as Media Houses and Business Institutions actively participated in the workshop.


Mr. Walbeek training to create the Magical Moments

Before beginning the first workshop, PATA Nepal Chapter also initiated PATA Students Chapter Nepal which includes 30 bright students from 6 different colleges, schooling Tourism, Hotel Management and Hospitality. Mr. Suman Pandey, the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter, in his opening speech said, “These students are the future leaders of the Tourism and Hospitality in Nepal.” He added, “PATA Nepal Chapter’s motive behind launching this Students’ Chapter is to provide an international exposure to the new aspiring students and to encourage them for the leadership as a Generation Next Program.”  Mr. Subash Niroula, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board and Mr Ramesh Dhamala, President of TAAN welcomed the students by offering them with Membership Pins and Khadas. CEO of NTB, Niroula said, “Potential leaders to reconstruct and re-empower every sectors of Tourism are highly required and hence these sorts of workshops would play a vital role to achieve what we require.” Mr. Ramesh Dhamala, President of TAAN expressed TAAN’s anticipation to strengthen and develop the Tourism Industry of Nepal working in synergy with NTB, PATA and Nepal Airlines Corporation. pata-workshop4

Team Explore Himalaya participates in the workshop- With Mr. Suman Pandey ( Chairman PATA Nepal Chapter/President Explore Himalaya) and Dr. MICE, Mr. Bert Van Walbeek 

Similarly, before commencing the Workshop on Writing Winning Proposal on 15th January, Friends of PATA Media Pool was launched. Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter Mr. Pandey, offered the pins of membership and Khadas to 30 members from different media houses.


Ms. Nandini Lahe Thapa offering the token of love to Mr. Walbeek during the closing ceremony

During the closing ceremony, Mrs. Nandini Lahe Thapa, Vice President of PATA Nepal Chapter and Director of Nepal Tourism Board, affirmed the importance of team work and highlighted the need of such workshops for the management team of every Tourism related company. Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter highlighted PATA Nepal Chapter’s role in building business, brand, network, people and insights for its 105 members since its inception in 1975. He also thanked NTB, TAAN, NAC, NATHM, PATA Team and all participants for their contribution in making the work a grand success in his closing speech. pata-workshop3

Participants equipped with valuable mantras of modern marketing, effective communication and writing winning proposals

China-Nepal Tourism Exchange


Speakers from left: Mr. Subash Niroula, Mr. Suman Pnadey, MOT Secretary, Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepal, HE Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chun Tai, Program MC and NATO Chairman

Kathmandu April 09, 2013 On the Nepal China Tourism Exchange Program organized by PATA, the speakers focused on finding the ways to overcome the challenges. The program began with the welcoming note by the PATA Nepal Chapter Chairman Mr. Suman Pandey. Speakers during the program, including the Minister for Tourism Culture and Civil Aviation Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha and the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal His Excellency Mr. Wu Chun Tai expressed their genuine interests in flourishing the Chinese tourists to Nepal.

PATA Nepal Chapter Chairman Mr. Pandey during his welcome speech urged all the tourism entrepreneurs and the professionals to join the hands with PATA to meet the target oriented objective of 215 thousand Chinese tourists to Nepal by 2015. He also put forward two request to HE Wu Chun Tai on behalf of the Nepalese Tourism Industry: One is to stay close and provide every assistance to Nepalese Tourism Industry in ensuring smooth operation of Foreign and Indian Tourists between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous region of China and the other is to help Nepalese Tourism Industry in achieving its goal of receiving 215 Thousand Chinese Tourists by the Year 2015.

Minister Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha stated the fact that the dependency of Nepalese Tourism Industry is slowly shifting from the European and American markets to the Chinese market. He also thanked the tourism personals of Nepal for fruitful participations at Chinese tourism fairs. Mr. Shrestha also made the humble request to the Chinese Ambassador to launch the Chinese airbus to Nepal with the competitive airfare and to remove the possible trading barriers between the two nations.

His Excellency Mr. Wu Chun Tai expressed his deep affectionate towards Nepal. He quoted that Nepal is not merely a tourism destination for the Chinese. China and Nepal has the relationship of brotherhoods- people to people and government to government for centuries. He stated the importance of Nepal to the Chinese in 3S- Smell, Smile and Siddhartha Gautama. He promised to help the Nepalese Tourism Industry in every possible ways he could. He wished for the better infrastructures to be developed to entertain the larger number of tourists and also mentioned China would be happy to support Nepal in building the required infrastructures. He finally, suggested developing and expanding the Chinese Monastery at Lumbini which will no doubt attract the large number of Chinese visitors to the region.

Officiating CEO of Nepal Tourism Board Mr. Subash Niroula requested the private sectors to be proactive and come up with the plan to expand the tourism industry of Nepal to the next desired level.