October Festivals


Dates : 16th – 19th October, 2009
Venue: All over Nepal

Kag Puja – 16th October

Laxmi Puja – 17th October

Gobardhan Puja- 18th October

Bhai Tika – 19th October

Tihar Festival details

Chhath Puja

Date: 24th October
Venue: Terai

Chhath is celebrated by people living in the Madhes plains.This festival is celebrated in honor of Surya, the Sun God in the Hindu mythology. People flock to lakes, rivers and ponds and make offerings to the sun god.

Mani Rimdu

Date:  31st October
Venue: Chiwang Monastery , Solukhumbu

The Mani Rimdu festival celebrated in Chiwang monastery , Solukhumbu is one of the most important religious activities of the entire Everest region.The monastery was built in 1929 , and has become very famous for this sacred dance festival , which lasts for three days.The aim of mani Rimdu is to expell negative forces .The monks present a religious drama by way of  a masked dance .During the festival , the sherpa population of solu Khumbu gather in the courtyard of the monastery.This is also an occassion to meet friends and revel in merry making.