Holiday in Nepal- Amazing wildlife, history and culture


Knudsens from Denmark, Mr. Frederik and Kristian and Ms. Tine through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel recently explored few places of Nepal. Ms. Tine shared her experience on their holiday to Nepal. The group rated the entire trip with 4 stars.

We have lots of beautiful memories of the holiday. Among them Wildlife Safari on Elephant at Chitwan National Park, sightseeing tour of culturally unique Bhaktapur Durbar Square and visit to the temple of Living Goddess, Kumari at Kathmandu Durbar Square are the best memories of the holiday in Nepal.

Explore Himalaya is the team of professionals. Hotels we stayed in were all great. Guides and other staffs were very helpful and knowledgeable.

A visit like no other – Nuwakot & Samari Village Homestays

A couple of weeks back Claus Andreasen from Denmark travelled to the villages of Nuwakot & Samari with his wife. He was delighted with his stay there and said that he would visit these villages again in future. The verdant nature, beautiful views, traditional Nepalese houses and warm and hospitable locals and a peaceful and relaxing ambience, all went in to make their visit very special according to Claus. This is what he had to say:

“I have been to Nepal so many times but this was the first time I visited a place where I found no tourist. In July my wife and I went to the village of Nuwakot and Samari and spent a few days each at these two places. At both these places we stayed at old and simple local houses, which have been renovated to add basic facilities. We had a wonderful experience as we were the only tourists out there. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We visited the school and roamed around. It was wonderful to walk around the little village and explore the temples and old houses. The villagers were all very welcoming and nice. My wife celebrated her birthday up there. We told the cook and the driver about her birthday. They in turn spread the word around and it seemed like everybody from the village turned up to wish her. It was really wonderful! The first work I will do when I return to Denmark is tell people about the beautiful place out there.

Claus Andreasen, Denmark


The old house at Samari

farm houses

Local farm houses and a corn field

Saat Taale Durbar
Historical buildings in Nuwakot- Saat Taale Durbar & temples

(Photos : Claus Andreasen)