Mr. Nigel Gifford.

The legal conflict between Explore Himalaya and Mr. Nigel Gifford, resident of UK and former Director of ‘High & Wild’ has finally come to an end after conclusive hearing at Kathmandu District court on the 4th of November, 2012. Party seeking justice and a possible beneficiary Mr. Suman Pandey; President of Explore Himalaya was closely observing that the battle was totally unproductive, time consuming and stressful to everyone involved. Hence Mr. Pandey confirmed that Company decided to resolve the dispute with Mr. Gifford and accordingly, requests were made to the district court.

After the successful operation of Everest Skydive in 2008, the situation went worst, the closure of UK organizer Company, High & Wild ultimately led to a dispute between Mr. Gifford, Director of the Company and Explore Himalaya which ultimately reached the court. Tourism entrepreneurs and allies wished for the dispute to be resolved as it was a real unfortunate. The mediating attempts of several well wishers have finally brought the two good old friends together to the sustainable reconcilement. Mr. Pandey stated that Explore Himalaya is no longer at the state of dispute with Mr. Gifford and hence he wished  everyone for the peaceful and harmonious lives.

The decision made by the court on above date was recently received which states, “The dealing between two parties is purely business matter and therefore, criminal charges against Mr. Gifford do not attract”. This decision of the Kathmandu district Court has acquitted Mr. Nigel Gifford from Criminal Charges filed by the District Police Office two years ago.

Mr. Nigel Gifford was in Kathmandu while the hearing took place and he was overwhelmed to be relieved from charges against him in the Nepalese Court. Being a long time friend of Nepal, he expressed happiness for getting his freedom back to enter Nepal after the conclusion of this legal issue.