Reliable travel arranger in Nepal: Explore Himalaya.


Mrs. Vanessa Canzini and Ms. Samantha Bain made an appropriate choice from the pool of picking up Explore Himalaya as their travel mate in Nepal and Bhutan. Vanessa came up with her feedback regarding their cultural tour of Kathmandu and wildlife exploration at Shivpuri Conservation Area.

“Everything was well planned. Services were spotlessly excellent at every occasion”.

“Our tour officer Yalember, was fabulous, friendly and efficient. Sometimes he even went out of his way to help us and make our trip very memorable and that was his best part”.

“Food was delicious with abundant choices. The hotels we stayed in – Hotel Dwarika and Shivpuri Heights were outstanding. They are probably one of the most amazing and special places we have ever been”.

“Vehicles we used and the drivers were perfect. Despite of very busy traffic conditions, the drivers were absolutely reliable”.

“The visit to Nepal was amazing. Explore Himalaya is a very efficient and reliable travel arranger to travel with”.

The places of attraction in Nepal beyond Kathmandu.


Mr. Jan Cassoee and Mr. Niels Daniel were on a Nepal tour with Explore Himalaya from December 22, 2012 to January 9, 2013. Danish guests through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel, made their trip memorable, visiting the best of Nepal as well as few other noteworthy places like Bandipur, Tansen, Nuwakot and Janakpur.

Prior the tour beyond Kathmandu valley, they spent a day for the brief sightseeing tour around Kathmandu. They also made to connected villages of Khokana and Bungmati to experience the remote traditional Newari lifestyles.

The trip beyond the valley began from Samari. After, a couple days of homestays at Samari and Nuwakot, a long drive along Siddartha, Prithivi and Mahendra Highways kicked off. Stopping for the exploration around the cities lying nearby or on these Highways, the Danish visitors made the perfect visits to the places of tourist attractions like Bandipur, Pokhara, Tansen, Chitwan and Janakpur.

After, 12 days of worthy trip to the culturally and geographically diverse locations of Nepal, the visitors were back at Kathmandu. At Kathmandu, the visitors visited the remaining cultural sites in the valley in their own. The glory of Kathmandu has remained intact for centuries with numerous cultural, historical and religious sites within it.

The Danish made their late departure on January 9, 2013 with beautiful and everlasting memories of Nepal.

Perfect vacation destination: Nepal.


Ms. Simonsen Bodil was the member of Danish lineup which was on the Nepal trip  from October 6 to October 26, 2012. The Danish squad through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel had the home-stays trip to Sele and Samari, trekking expedition to Langtang, sightseeing tour around Kathmandu and Pokhara and the rafting thrill in the Seti River. The visitors had the wonderful retreat during their entire tour in Nepal. Explore Himalaya as their travel guide in Nepal recorded some of her beautiful sentences regarding the excursion.

Here she goes….

“During our first meeting we felt confident as we knew Explore Himalaya was always a step ahead in terms of providing better services. We had the people we needed and we had the best tour guide Sanu. The supporting staffs and our guides made the very good team work”.

“Every hotels, home-stays and camps we stayed in, had the very good standard of services. Home-stay in Samari was exceptionally excellent. Despite of tough natural conditions in the Langtang region hotels were good enough to stay. Meals were good considering the topographical conditions in Nepal. Our transportation was given a high priority with sound cars all the time”.

“5-6 hours of excursion a day in a row is good, 8 hours of journey is even better if we are resting the next day. However, from my point of view, 2-3 hours of day hiking during the trek sometimes could be adjusted in other long trekking day to save the time for some other destinations”.

“Overall the tour to Nepal was exceptionally good and Explore Himalaya is an amazing travel guide around Nepal”.

Visit to Nepal.



Harvesting time in the mountains of Annapurna region.

Ms. Anette Buchard and Mr. Winther Erik Jakobsen picked our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel for their tour arrangements in Nepal. As per their itinerary they arrived at Kathmandu on October 9. After, the couple of free days and sightseeing tour around the historical city on their own, they boarded the bus to Pokhara on twelfth. The two Danish visitors had the keen interest on the mountains and their views in Nepal.


Himalayas glittering in the Annapurna region.

On October 14, after the short drive to Kade they started their hiking trip to Austrian Camp. Austrian Camp is perfect camp stay and it lies nearby to Dhampus village amongst the rhododendron forest with the perfect views of snow-capped Annapurna ranges. Next day they hiked to Dhampus and Phedi and slowly descended down to the roadways to catch the bus to Pokhara.


Dense vegetation: On the way to Samari.

On the 16th they took the bus back to Kathmandu. As per their itineray Anette and Erik drove to Samari next day. Samari is an ideal location for the home-stay, which lies away from the hustles and bustles of the city. On October 18, they explored around Samari. They drove to nearby, Nuwakot on the 19th and explored around the rural region there. On 20th they headed back towards Kathmandu. After, the couple of free days in the city, the Danish flew back home with the happiest memories.


Temple within Nuwakot Durbar Square.

Pics Courtesy: EH.