Shreepech, the King’s Crown to be displayed at Narayanhiti Museum

Shreepech, the official crown of the erstwhile monarch of Nepal will be put up for public viewing at Narayanhiti Palace Museum in Kathmandu shortly. Gyanendra Shah, the last king of Nepal had handed over the crown and royal staff to Nepal Government after the fall of monarchy and the establishment of republican form of government in Nepal . The elaborate crown which is decorated with precious stones – diamonds, rubies, pearls and emeralds and bird-of-paradise plumes had been kept under tight security at the Narayanhiti museum. The decision to put it up for public viewing was taken after funds were allocated for additional security at the museum. The Shreepech will be kept in a bullet-proof show case at the Surkhet Baithak (the room at the former palace where foreign dignitaries were received).

1939 Mercedes Benz-A Gift from Hitler to King Tribhuvan to be showcased at the Narayanhiti Museum

A 1939 Mercedes Benz presented by Adolf Hitler to King Tribhuvan, grandfather of Nepal’s deposed ex-monarch Gyanendra Shah will finally be showcased at the Narayanhiti Museum.The museum authorities have come up with the idea of offering joy rides to visitors on the antique automobile and an old chariot used by King Tribhuvan, around the former palace grounds. The Mercedes Benz has been rotting at the old palace garage in a dilapidated condition.According to museum authorities it would take around $537,000 to restore both the car and chariot.

Factfile: Narayanhiti Palace Museum

* Narayanhiti Palace was built by late King Mahendra, father of ex-monarch Gyanendra Shah, between 1963 and 1969.

*The palace is named after the  Narayan Temple located at the palace grounds and a water spout(hiti)that lies next to the temple.

*Inaugurated as a museum by PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal on February 26th 2009.

*The palace has 52 rooms named after the districts of Nepal.Of the 52 rooms, only 19 are opened for public viewing.

*Opening Hrs:11am-3pm(Winter)/ 11am-4pm(Summer).Closed on Tuesdays,Wednesdays & on public holidays.

*Entrance Fee: 1)Nepalese : Students-NRS 20/-, Others- NRS 100/-

2)Chinese & SAARC Nationals-NRS 250/-

3)Other foreign nationals- NRS 500/-