Kathmandu and Nagarkot Tour- an introductory tour of Nepal’s culture and nature

Ms. Glenstrup Jytte and Ms. Majbritt Andersen through our exclusively country partner Kipling Travel, explored heritage sites of Kathmandu had wonderful Nagarkot Tour.  Ms. Jytte says something about her trip with us.

The best memory of our trip to Nepal was the sunrise view from Nagarkot. The sightseeing tour of Bhaktapur was also wonderful.
The services of Explore Himalaya were excellent. The transportation was great, the hotel we stayed in served well and the guide was experienced and kind.

Sightseeing tour of Kathmandu and  Nagarkot Tour is an introductory tour of Nepal that highlights the culture of Nepal and Himalayan panorama. Kathmandu wows on seven UNESCO Heritage Sites and hundreds of other treasure troves that manifest authentic culture of medieval and ancient Nepal. The valley also caters typical Newa culture that has been holding the roots of Kathmandu’s authenticity for years. Unique celebrations and rapid lifestyle of Kathmanduese (people of Kathmandu) make Kathmandu the most vibrant city of Nepal.

If the cultural Tour of Kathmandu extends up to the hilltop of Nagarkot, travelers also have an opportunity to sight natural highlights of Nepal. Sunrise view from Nagarkot is exceedingly beautiful. As well as the widespread view of Himalayan panorama that stretches from mountains in Khumbu to the mountains of Annapurna Region mesmerizes every traveler to Nagarkot. Now imagine the Himalayan view from Nagarkot during the sunrise or sunset- the view that will stay in traveler’s mind and soul forever.