Community Service and Cultural Exchange Project- RBCS, UK


Amazing welcoming session at Nuwakot

Community Service Project is a unique blend of various activities principally designed for students taking a gap year. This multi activities vacation includes a volunteering service spotlighting on the progress of local community in Nuwakot, cultural exchange activities, and an adventurous trek to the very rarely trodden part of Nepal, Mustang.


Got red and Khataa- during the hospitable welcoming session

For the Cultural Exchange and Community Service Project recently, a British group of ten students from Reading Blue Coat School accompanied by a teacher  is in Nepal. The group is led by an expert leader from the company called Wilderness Expertise.


Cutting the shrubs during garden cleaning session

Based at Shree Bhairavi Higher Secondary School in Nuwakot, the group is scheduled to get involved into several activities. Junior Red Cross Garden and Taleju Park has been maintained and cleaned by the group in collaboration with the locals. Cleaning of the historic site which, supplies drinking water to the natives; Tindhara will be undertaken.


For a team- it is simply a piece of cake


Sessions of lectures on how the tourists shall be treated will be conducted. Health Awareness Campaign as well as village sanitation program are supposed to be the integral parts of this community project. The visitors will also join the locals and rejoice during the cultural programs. During the 6 days stay at Nuwakot, the guests will be experiencing the home-stay accommodation where the three course meal will be provided by the Nepalese family.


Pet gets a clean playground.

Prior to this community service and cultural exchange project, the group had the 14 days long wonderful trek to the rarely trodden part of Nepal, Mustang.


Time for the photo shoot


Guests and natives for the shoot

Upper Mustang Horse Riding Trip

Tenzi Ramio  and Anna, from Italy, visited Nepal for sixth time before and this time, we, Explore Himalaya, got the opportunity to organize a horse riding trip in Upper Mustang which went absolutely successful. The trip was lead by the local guide ‘Babu’, from Lo-Manthang itself. Both Ramio and Anna were extremely satisfied with our services. After returning back to Kathmandu, they visited and shared their extraordinary experience with Explore Himalaya, the organizer of their trek.

EH: How was your trip?

Tenzi Ramio: The trip was extremely nice for number of reasons. The place, mountains and the views were sustaining. Particularly, the upper side, upper circle from Ghami to Lo-Manthang and back was really  outstanding even, the lower part was nice as well. The distances and difficulties were okay. Since, we have horses, it was actually a piece of cake and that was good because we were a group of persons with a guide and three horses and we had everything we needed. There was no problem with accommodation. Overall it was a very good experience.

EH: What was the special reason to choose ‘the horse riding’ trip?

Tenzi Ramio: Well, we have 2 reasons: Upper mustang is a place where you can trek in August and we have holidays in Italy and we have not been to Upper Mustang although we have visited lower mustang trek(up to Muktinath) before. The horse, in the trip was fantastic solution because sometime if you feel not perfectly fit or if it is long day or if you would not like to walk. So the horse was really best. You can enjoy riding in hilly area, viewing the panoramic views without any pain. I think, it was wonderful experience for that reason.

EH: I would appreciate if you kindly share the best memory of the trip.

Tenzi Ramio: I would say that every 100 m you walk is a new scenario, is something interesting, something new. So, it is difficult to say which one is the best on another. From day 1 to day 9, everyday is exciting day and every walk, every step of the trek is exciting. Everyday is nice day in the trip.

EH: How were the services of our guide and staffs?

Tenzi Ramio: Service were good. We were served well in Kathmandu for our preparation. Guide as outstanding. Babu is really good, reliable, and expert. We appreciate he was from Mustang itself. He know every single person we met on the way. Babu was excellent.

EH: What was the difficult part of your trip?

Tenzi Ramio: The difficult part of the trip was rainy day where you have to walk. We have only one afternoon which was rainy. The weather is 50-50 but still okay.

EH: What would be your comment or advice to those who would like to do this trip?

Tenzi Ramio: I would say, Mustang is a place to visit for everybody. Even if you are not super fit, or not super sportsman with horses, is an experience, you can do it absolutely well without any hitch. I would recommend it for everybody.

Horse we used during the trip

mountain view

view on the way to Lo-Mangthang


Photos: Tanzi Ramio

Upper Mustang Trek

Russian Group goes on a Yoga Trek to Lower Mustang

Explore Himalaya recently organized a Yoga Trek to Lower Mustang for twenty Russian participants. The group’s spiritual leader was Ilia Beliaev. Nadia Neupokoeva and trek guide Lama Babu provided the much needed support to the group from EH’s side. All the group members were very satisfied with the trip and found the trek spiritually enriching and memorable. Here we reproduce some of their testimonials:

“Thank you for a very good trip, it was really great! Many thanks to Nadia and our Nepali guide Lama Babu. They are the best guides ever. I can say that I want to come here again and again. Om Namo Shivaya! The travel itinerary was perfect. We had a lot of attention from our guides. It was pleasurable trip for me! And surprise – there was no untoward incident even though we travelled on such a difficult route!”- Natasha, Moscow

“Many thanks to our guides and Explore Himalaya Company for showing a high level of professionalism, for their support and friendly service!”- Elmira, Kazan

“Very enriching experience! The trip has left a lasting impression! Thank you!”- Igor, Riga

“Thank you for an excellent and well organized trip! The experience was memorable and heartwarming!” – Anna, St.Petersburg

“I had dreamt about this trip my whole life. My dream was realized during these 15 days. This was one of the most important events in my life! Thank you!” – Elena, St.Petersburg

“Incredible route! Mountains, monasteries, very friendly local people!Everything ran smoothly! Perfect organization! Thank you for your professional support!”- Svetlana, St.Petersburg

“My husband and I had a satisfactory trip! Thank you for organizing it so excellently!”- Tatiana and Vlad, Moscow





muktinath temple


meditating in mustang

Russian Yoga trek group

(Pics courtesy:Ilia Beliaev)

Trek to Lower Mustang

Trek to the Hidden Kingdom of Mustang

“It has always been a personal dream for me to visit Mustang”- Patrick Fauchère

Patrick & Marie

Patrick & Marie Fauchère (Pic:Nirgaman Maharjan)

It had always been a dream for Swiss pilot Patrick Fauchère to visit Mustang, the last Hidden kingdom, since he first visited Nepal in 1982. Explore Himalaya feels honored to have played a part in the fulfillment of this long cherished dream, as the company organized a trek to the Hidden Kingdom for Patrick and his wife Marie. After the completion of  Fauchère’s trek,  on 6th August, Explore Himalaya met with Patrick  at Hotel Soaltee to know more about his  journey.Posted below is an excerpt from the interview.

“Mustang for me personally was a dream. I had always dreamt of coming to Mustang, since I first visited Nepal in 1982. I have been to many mountainous regions  in India, like Himachal Pradesh,  Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti and Sikkim. I always felt that I have missed out on visiting one kingdom, and that was Mustang. Maybe my fascination for Mustang is also largely because of my interest  in Buddhism and Tibetan culture.”


Trek to the Hidden Kingdom of  Mustang
“The trek was fantastic. Though we had to stay for a day longer at Pokhara due to bad weather, the trek went really well. Both me and my wife are pretty good hikers and we were able to complete the trek within seven days. As we live in the mountains in Switzerland, we had no problems with the altitude. Since we walked fast and are good hikers we could finish the trek in 7 days, but I think a minimum of 10 days should be given for average or slow walkers to complete this trek.
Our trek guide Pasang was very experienced and very good. We highly recommend him. Meals during the trek were well prepared. We always had good food prepared hygienically. We had a great time with him and his young team. Thanks to Pasang and the organization we never had any problem and I think the combination of  Pasang, Lhakpa and the other youngsters was really good. We can only recommend the team and we would be happy to get the same team if we come back for another trek.
We are very satisfied with Explore Himalaya’s service. The service was excellent and met our expectations!

I appreciate Kathmandu as it is but I like the mountains. My life is in the mountains and I would come back only for the mountains.”





(Photos Courtesy: Patrick Fauchère)

Trek to Mustang with Explore Himalaya

Dharamshala in Muktinath

A dharamshala (shelter or rest house for travellers, usually pilgrims) has been built in Muktinath in Mustang district under the India-Nepal Economic Cooperation Programme. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood inaugerated the new dharamshala on 20th June,2010. Managed by the District Development Committee, Mustang the dharamshala has a capacity of 44 beds with separate space for reception, meditation room, kitchen, cafeteria, dining hall and a guard-house.The management hopes to provide good quality and affordable accommodation for pilgrims and tourists.