Russian Group goes on a Yoga Trek to Lower Mustang-Re Post

Explore Himalaya recently organized a Yoga Trek to Lower Mustang for twenty Russian participants. The group’s spiritual leader was Ilia Beliaev. Nadia Neupokoeva and trek guide Lama Babu provided the much needed support to the group from EH’s side. All the group members were very satisfied with the trip and found the trek spiritually enriching and memorable. Here we reproduce some of their testimonials:

“Thank you for a very good trip, it was really great! Many thanks to Nadia and our Nepali guide Lama Babu. They are the best guides ever. I can say that I want to come here again and again. Om Namo Shivaya! The travel itinerary was perfect. We had a lot of attention from our guides. It was pleasurable trip for me! And surprise – there was no untoward incident even though we travelled on such a difficult route!”- Natasha, Moscow

“Many thanks to our guides and Explore Himalaya Company for showing a high level of professionalism, for their support and friendly service!”- Elmira, Kazan

“Very enriching experience! The trip has left a lasting impression! Thank you!”- Igor, Riga

“Thank you for an excellent and well organized trip! The experience was memorable and heartwarming!” – Anna, St.Petersburg

“I had dreamt about this trip my whole life. My dream was realized during these 15 days. This was one of the most important events in my life! Thank you!” – Elena, St.Petersburg

“Incredible route! Mountains, monasteries, very friendly local people!Everything ran smoothly! Perfect organization! Thank you for your professional support!”- Svetlana, St.Petersburg

“My husband and I had a satisfactory trip! Thank you for organizing it so excellently!”- Tatiana and Vlad, Moscow





muktinath temple


meditating in mustang

Russian Yoga trek group

(Pics courtesy:Ilia Beliaev)

Trek to Lower Mustang

Tour Date 2012-05 Blog Post on 2012-05-14

I would recommend Mustang Trek to every traveler to Nepal – Alejandro

Canadian traveler Alejandro Jose Terrones recently went for Lower Mustang Trek. He spent three days in Lower Mustang trekking around the Apple Orchard & the Windy City, Jomsom.

His experience during the trek that took him to Kagbeni, the gateway to Upper Mustang & Muktinath, the revered shrine for multiple religions was wonderful. He shared few beautiful lines after the completion of his memorable journey in the foothills of Annapurna & Dhalagiri.

Mustang Trek

“Though the car trip to Jomsom from Pokhara was much longer than expected, the entire trip was wonderful. The most beautiful moments of the trip was trekking to Muktinath.

The services of Explore Himalaya were very much appreciable. The staffs & the guides were excellent. Hotels they used were in very good locations. I would highly recommend Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure for a trip to Nepal. I would recommend Mustang Trek and would suggest fellow travelers to go for more than three days trek to Mustang.”

Nuwakot Homestay: Interview with Elaine Brown


nuwakot-welcome1 Welcoming session at Nuwakot

Elaine Brown from Wilderness Expertise led a team of 11 students and 1 teacher from Blue Coat School, Reading UK for a month stay in Nepal. First they went to Mustang and then to Nuwakot for community project. They stayed in local home-stays for 7 days and involved in different community based activities (30th July -5th August).

EH: How are you feeling now?

Ms. Brown: Good. Thank You.

 EH: When did you start the project?

 Ms. Brown: We started in Nuwakot on 30th of July

 EH: How was your stay there?

 Ms. Brown: Food was really good, we felt very privileged during the stay in Nuwakot.

 EH: Your accommodation was organized in local home-stays, how did you manage your stay there?

 Ms. Brown: We separated into groups; everybody was placed single except for:

two girls (only two of them in the whole group), one of them having the habit of eating less, one boy with the problem of sleep walking, with me at Shyam’s house and a bit naughty boy with the teacher

EH: What’s the purpose behind this program?

Ms. Brown: After we were sure that we wanted to have such program, the students started fund raising, doing jobs. They were trained, we met with blank itinerary. Once we decided to come to Nepal we did research, identified the learning needs of the students. Challenge and community involvement are the two elements that should be in the program. We met each other in different intervals of time did costing, familiarization, training etc. Despite of having nominal budget left with us after our visit to Mustang, we still wanted to do it.

EH: Why Nepal?

Ms. Brown: I had been here before and I am passionate about Himalayas, especially I admire Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu culture. So it is partly because of the leader’s choice. I had positive past experiences. During the whole course of time the students transformed themselves to be self dependent…. Personal development! All we want is to build confidence, good attitude, respect their parents etc. After this visit the students are willing to come back to Nepal.


Nuwakot community service project- Garden being cleaned

EH: How did you find the community there?

Ms. Brown: The entire community was welcoming and gentle with strong community bond with each others. Community takes care of each other in contrary to UK…a good lesson for us. Technology has not overcome their lifestyle, 4 generations in a single family. “Small scale is sustainable”.

Don’t have to be big to be happy. Nepalese lead a very happy life.

EH: What is your best part?

Ms. Brown: Best part is always different for different people. For me it is quite emotional. The importance of building relationship during the home-stay with the family of  Sharmila is so far the best part for me.

EH: How was it in Mustang?

Ms. Brown: During the trek to Mustang the tea houses contributing to the community was WONDERFUL.

EH: What are the areas of your focus in Nuwakot?

Ms. Brown: Our focus was on community activities like painting and renovation, interaction, clearing local historical taps (favorite activity), plantation, short health awareness classes. We also focused on community interaction, so we organized sports like football regularly in the evening at Tudikhel.

EH:  Did you find it difficult to communicate with them?

Ms. Brown: Not at all. Only in the beginning when the students were nervous.

EH: Do you see any area of improvement?

Ms. Brown: Nothing. It’s a self-contented community….some youth want to settle in modern setting, getting ready to leave, but I think they are lucky to have such a life.

EH: Difference between Mustang and Nuwakot?

Ms. Brown: Mustang very Tibetan whereas, Nuwakot is a typical Hindu community. Besides highly contrast cultures geographically, Mustang is dry- desert like Tibetan Highlands but Nuwakot is lush green, almost tropical. I loved the thunderstorm in Nuwakot, which is the most memorable moment in Nuwakot.

EH: Any last words?

Ms. Brown: I would recommend, don’t expect to be working physically, rather emphasize in building relationship. My team is ready to work again, we expected to be involved more physically like 6 hours a day of hard work but we were involved just few hours a day, opposite to our expectation. But we also learnt to manage expectation…….at the end we learnt that building relationship is very important… and we are quite happy with the whole things.

EH: One word to describe the whole experience?

Ms. Brown: Privileged


A time to leave the memories back