Mountain Biking in Nepal.


Explore Himalaya recently organized a mountain biking tour for Mr. Luis Roberto Perez from Mexico who visited Nepal for 17 days. Mr. Perez wanted an adventurous holiday and decided to do some mountain biking with some sightseeing and Yoga classes. For the biking adventure he chose Pokhara- Gorkha trail -the old route for Kathmandu to Pokhara stretching from Pokhara- Sundari danda-Sukra Bhyanjyang- Sundar Bazaar-Leutel Bhyanjyang- Gorkha. Upon completion of this trail and few days of rest in Kathmandu, he again covered the Kathmandu- Sundarijal-Chisepani-Nagarkot route. After the tiring and backbreaking mountain biking, he head headed up to The Last resort to do the Bunjee jump and departed home after a scenic Mt. Everest mountain flight.

Biking on the Valley Rim

The Weekend Hikers from Explore Himalaya have hiked the length and breadth of almost all the hiking trails in the Valley's rim. So the last weekend, they decided to try out something different – they decided to do some mountain biking instead of hiking. For their biking adventure the group chose a 45 km route stretching from Thamel – Teenpipli – Jitpur Phedi – Kavresthali- Jhor- Tokha – Gongabu and back to Thamel, along pitched and rough gravel road. Though tiring and back breaking, according to them the adrenaline rush was worth the sweat.


All set to for the rough ride – @Thamel


On the Kakani Highway – Teenpipli

Jitpur Phedi

Teenpipli- en route Jitpur Phedi

Jeetpur Phedi

Village of Jitpur Phedi



Gravel track


Kavresthali's  limestone

Bungmati river

A gravel track skirting the Bishnumati River


Fuel for the body – Lunch break at a local joint


Pitch, Gravel & now mud- At Jhor


Traditional houses and fields at Tokha 


At Chandeshwori Temple, Tokha

(Pic : Explore Himalaya)