Trek Simikot-Guge Kingdom-Mount Kailash (21 Days

Trek through the remote Karnali river valley in western Nepal, before crossing into Tibet. Explore ‘Guge Kingdom’, the repository of ancient Tibetan civilization and Mount Kailash, the holiest pilgrimage site in Tibet.

This trek begins from Simikot and weaves across some of the least frequented trekking trails in western Nepal. Following the Karnali river , you  walk through  pine scented forests and traditional Thakuri & Tibetan Buddhist villages, with the beautiful Saipal and Nalakankad mountain range in the background. This trail is ideal for trekkers looking for a ‘just the mountains & me’ kind of experience…Crossing into Tibet, you drive across the wide open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau to ‘Guge Kingdom’ (Tholing & Tsaparang), where  archeologically significant remains of Tibet’s ancient civilization are preserved. Marveling at the barren yet spectacular landscape of Tibet you continue driving to the serene and most sacred Lake Manasarovar, before completing a kora (loop trek) around Mt Kailash. From there, you re-cross the vast arid plains before heading south to the Nepalese border and returning to Kathmandu. The magnificent sceneries blending with the sights of ancient culture make this an amazing trip that remains sketched in your memories for a lifetime. Throughout the journey from the Tibetan Plateau to Kathmandu you enjoy comfortable overnight accommodation, excellent food and convenient camping facilities. The unique culture and warm hospitality, ironically, gives you the feeling you are on top of the world! And you are, virtually!

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Mount Kailash Trek


Ruins of the Guge Kingdom

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