Team Explore Himalaya attends ‘Success Mantra’

Team members from Explore Himalaya and Fishtail Air participated at the recently held one day workshop entitled “Success Mantra” conducted by management guru Mr. Ranjit Acharya at Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu on 20th January, 2012. Organized by (a career management site), the personality development workshop enlightened participants on how a positive attitude and an open mind could help one see an opportunity in every obstacle. Interspersed with personal anecdotes, examples from lives of iconic personalities, life changing tips, team games and interactive sessions, the workshop proved to be rather an eye opener and quite fruitful for most of the participants attending it. Participants included, besides the team from Explore Himalaya and Fishtal Air, professionals from banking sector, INGOs, private firms, media etc.
Mr. Suman Pandey, President of Explore Himalaya and CEO of Fishtail Air, who also attended the workshop was presented a special prize by the organizer for being the role model/ inspirational figure for most of the participants present at the workshop.

Success Mantra

'Success Mantra' at Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu

krishna sir

Conquering fear by eating a 'ball of fire' –  Krishna Aryal, Coordinator, Speicial Adventure, Explore Himalaya

success mantra

Sharing his 'mantra' for success to a rapt audience – Mr. Ranjit Acharya

team game

Team building game

Mr. Suman Pandey

A success icon  for most of the participants – Mr. Suman Pandey


Mr. Suman Pandey recieving a special prize from Mr. Ranjit Acharya for being an inspirational figure

Team Explore Himalaya & Fishtail Air

Group Photo – Team Explore Himalaya & Fishtail Air with Mr. Ranjit Acharya

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