Hike to Kalinchowk (3800m)

Kalinchowk Bhagwati

Kalinchowk Bhagwati (3800m)

If you think the hikes featured previously are too easy and tame and you are in the lookout for a more challenging hike (without having to venture too far from Kathmandu), than the rough ascent up Kalinchowk(3800m) might be just right for you. To hike up Kalinchowk hill, you need to get to Charikot , situated about 150 kilometers from Kathmandu. You can take a local bus or rent a vehicle to get there. Kalinchowk is named after the hill top shrine dedcated to Kali (a Hindu Goddess) known as Kalinchowk Bhagwati. Two great rivers, Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi also originate from here.

The hike involves an ardous ascent from the word go. Beginning your hike from Charikot, you reach Kuri, a small settlement, at dusk and spend the night there at a local tea house. The next day’s climb is arduous and involves a really steep ascent (not for the fainthearted!) up a precipitous trail. At the top you will find the shrine of Kalinchowk Bagwati surrounded by metal tridents (Trishuls) and bells and  the snowy spires of Gaurishankar, Melungste and other Himalayan peaks rearing majestically in the background. Standing at the top and savoring the heavenly views, you may forget your aches and pains and feel the back breaking climb worth the spectacular vista. The descent , though not easy on the knees, is much quicker. You can return to Kathmandu the same day.

(Duration: 2 Days, involving drive to & from Ktm & Five to six hours of trekking each day)



on the way to Kalinchowk

A picturesque sight, en route Kalinchowk

The shrine of Kalinchowk as seen from Kuri – Your destination, the top of the hill!

Last steps to Kalinchowk

Final steps to the summit

Kuri as seen from Kalinchowk

And this is how Kuri looks from the summit of Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk Bhagwati (3800m)

Kalinchowk Temple area

Tridents at Kalinchowk

The gateway to heaven

"We got there!" – Prachanda & Samir amidst temple bells

Mount Gauri Shankar

Mt. Gaurishankar(7134m) as seen from the top

Himalayan Panorama

Himalayan Panorama

(Pics: Samir Shrestha)