Visitor Arrivals continue to soar

Visitor arrival to Nepal continues to soar. As per the data released by Immigration Office at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), visitor arrivals in March compared to the same month last year have increased by 4.6 % to 46,491.
The South Asian segment registered a healthy growth of 22.5 %with arrivals from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan recording a positive growth of 28 percent, 38.3 percent and 6.8 percent. Arrivals from China, another important market,  increased by 15.2 percent. Arrivals from South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore also grew by 12.1%, 51.9%, 16.2 %and 10.8%. Arrivals from France, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Denmark are up by 28.8%, 8%, 36.2%, 9% and 13.5%.