January Fests

Maghe Sakranti

Date: 15th January 2010

Maghe Sakranti festival heralds warmer days. People feast on yam, sweet potatoes, sesame seed sweet balls and molasses. As the festival is just a few days away, the markets are filled with Maghe Sakranti goodies. The images below are of Ason Bazar, one of the ancient and busiest market squares in Kathmandu.

A few steps away from the busy Ason bazaar is the Rani Pokhari or Queen’s Pond. Pictured below, at dusk the pond seems like  an oasis of serenity as motorists speed through the highway. At the distance lie the snowy Ganesh Himal behind  the green Shivpuri Hills.

Photos: Usha Rai

Other festivals on January

Basant Panchami (Saraswati Jayanti)

Date : 20th January 2010