Historic Places in Kathmandu (Chobar & Kirtipur) – Off the tourist route

Chobar : Located just 9 kms south- west of KAthmandu is Chobar, a historic little village. The village is well – known for the Chobar gorge and  caves .Legend has it that the valley of Kathmandu once used to be lake. The Boddhisaatva(divine being) Manjushree cut a gorge called the Chobar gorge, to drain away all the water and made Kathmandu valley a liveable place.The other main attraction of the village is the famous Adinath Lokeshwor temple which is located at the top of a nearby hill, that provides spectacular view of the city and snow capped mountains. The temple is sacred for both hindus and Buddhists. The village serves as a popular picnic spot among the Nepalese locals as well as a sightseeing place for tourists.

Chobar Gorge

Chobar Gorge

Kirtipur: Kirtipur, the ancient city of Nepal lies just 6 kms southwest of Kathamandu.The city is just 4 miles away from Chobhar. The name of the city comes from Kirti which stands for 'Glory' and 'Pur' which means city. The ancient city of Kirtipur is a natural fortress and has very rich culture and history. Historically , the city is well –known for its resistance against the Gurkha invasion led by  Prithvi Narayan Shah in the 17th century. There are numerous small and big temples, stupas around the city.The major attractions of the city are the Chilamachu Stupa, Bagh Bhairav temple and Uma Maheshwar temple. Besides temples and stupas, the city is full of traditional Nepalese houses and temple squares. Because of its  rich culture,history and art the city is gaining much more popularity among tourists in Nepal.

Temple in Kirtipur


Scenes from Kirtipur

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