One day in Kathmandu – what you choose to do?

Every new place you visit, it is somehow unknown to you despite hearing many things about that place. However, they say, “Nobody knows a place completely”. One full day in or around Kathmandu– What you can see, what you can do or where can you go? Depending on your preference, Kathmandu caters medieval cultural treasures and magnificence of the nature.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

For those people who want to explore culture, Kathmandu Valley comprises three beautifully architected medieval towns i.e. Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu itself. Housing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in close distance, the valley has the densest concentration of historic monuments, shrines and palace squares.

A day is not enough to explore all the scattered sites of Kathmandu but a traveler can spend a whole day in one site exploring the cultural wonders within it. The quake 2015 has made some significant impact but every UNESCO World Heritage Site inside Kathmandu still boast on incredible cultural delights that were built during the intense Art War during the different centuries.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

The melting point of Buddhism and Hinduism, Kathmandu caters the equal limits of both religions in different sites of the valley. Moreover, the culture of the natives of Kathmandu, which is colorfully vibrant and loud, is the one important aspect that every traveler in Kathmandu would like experience. The good news is that Kathmandu and the Kathmanduese celebrate more than often. During the tour in Kathmandu, every traveler fond of new culture wills to extend the time to explore the city, which is full of life.

While exploring the backstreets of Kathmandu the simple yet meaningful lifestyle of the people of Kathmandu, which spills over the busy streets of the town, allows travelers to understand the depth of resilience of Nepalese.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

Talking about around Kathmandu, the hills that ring this historic valley are full of wonderful natural brilliance. Hiking along the ridgeline trails on the hilltops is great encounters with rural culture and lifestyle. The Himalayan panorama blended so well with the lush green and terraced paddy fields is the view that is not seen everywhere.

The sunrise view from the hilltops like Nagarkot is so beautiful that watching the new sun emerging slowly behind the lofty Himalayan peaks in the horizon would leave you mesmerized.

One day in Kathmandu is the exploration of medieval cultural treasures and magnificence of the nature, if traveler knows how to manage the day

Moreover, the hills around Kathmandu also hold rich wildlife and the tremendous opportunities for pedaling adventure. The Shivapuri Conservation Area Project, Phulchowki Hills and Taudaha are great birding destinations around Kathmandu. One day to go for a biking adventure to the hills around Kathmandu caters travelers to experience the mild pedaling adventure in the rugged terrains of Nepalese mid-hills.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

One day in Kathmandu is never enough for the insightful tour of the valley but a day in Kathmandu gives you the clear picture of this wonderful valley if you explore it balancing its cultural and natural highlights.


Trip to Kathmandu and Pokhara

Danish travelers, Mr. Bronddom Rasmus and Ms. Caroline Fossum were on a short visit to Nepal from July 2, 2013 to July 6, 2013. Despite of pouring rainfall the Danish Visitors through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel feasted their eyes with the affluent Hindu and Buddhist culture in the sacred shrines of Pashupatinath and Boudhanath as well as enjoyed the extraordinary craftsmanship of medieval Nepal in the backstreets of glorious Kathmandu Durbar Square.

The next exotic destination they visited was Pokhara. Pokhara, the city housing the profusely opulent natural magnificence welcomed them with the peaceful boating in dazzling Fewa Lake. The half day sightseeing tour of Pokhara was followed by a short ride to Sarangkot on the day after. Sarangkot, a hilltop overlooking Pokhara offers, the exceedingly mesmerizing panorama of the widespread Himalayas including famous Annapurna and uniquely standing Fishtail.

As the tour concluded, the Danish visitors expressed their utter satisfaction with the trip arranged for them. They also thanked our Tour Officer Mr. Sabin Rayamajhi for being extremely supportive and responsible throughout the tour.

Wet and wild adventurous tour in Nepal


Ms. Rachel Hacker from USA had the chilling vacation with Explore Himalaya this spring from March 5 to March 14. The major segment of her holiday involved wet and wild activities at Trishuli River and Chitwan National Park.

Her trip began with the sightseeing tours around Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a heritage city offering countless prehistoric shrines, courtyards, palaces and luring wooden and metallic carved statues and figurines within these monumental edifices. Ms. Rachel spent three days at Royal Beach Camp for the thrilling river activities. She rushed with the furious white water of Trishuli during the hair-raising rafting adventure at Trishuli. Her wet adventure continued with kayaking and cannoning at Trishuli River.

She was well dried but the memories of wet adventure were still exciting her as she entered Chitwan National Park for the wildlife adventure. The park listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site for wildlife conservation offers the most unique way to penetrate the opaque woods. Staying on a back of giant Asian Elephant to venture deeper into the widespread woods is thrilling enough. Moreover, to witness the rarest animals in the wild add more thrill to the  wildlife safari.

The latter part of her trip brought her to exotic hilltop- Nagarkot. Here, she witnessed the natural delights rather than adventurous activities. The glorious views of sparking Himalayan giants during the sunrise from Nagarkot provided her the different insight regarding Nepal. Finally she cycled downhill to Dulikhel from where she was escorted back to Kathmandu and she departed Nepal on March 14, 2013.

Tour of cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu valley.


Twenty Danish visitors arrived to Kathmandu late afternoon on February 14 2013. The mega group was on a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu as per our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel’s standard itinerary on the 15th. Continuing to explore the cultural heritages they drove back to Patan from Nagarkot after early morning excursion on 16th. Post lunch, they group was escorted through the boisterous streets of Kathmandu to Swayambhunath. The day activity ended up at Swayambhunath. However, the farewell dinner at Thamel House was organized on the same evening as 17 members of the group were departing the next day.

Next day before the exodus of the 17 visitors there was enough time to explore around the next cultural hotspot- Bhaktapur. Exploring the cultural backstreets of Bhaktapur and Thimi 17 members were escorted to airport late evening.

Remaining three members departed Nepal the next day. Mrs. Kasle and Mr. Johnson departed in the noon and Mr. Hans Hjordt Hansen; a tour leader departed in the separate flight at 8:30pm.

Holiday destinations around Nepal.


Ms. Ulla Mein Sparre and Ms. Anna Lodberg Sparre from Denmark arrived to Kathmandu on 13 February 2012.The visitors through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel had planned 10 days long vacation in Nepal with Explore Himalaya. Their flawlessly designed pleasure holiday covered Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Nagarkot.

The encounter with the culturally affluent sites of Kathmandu kicked off their trip. Boisterous streets of Kathmandu blended with ancient and medieval cultural and historical architectures of the region make Kathmandu one of the delightful cities of the world.  Penetrating the bustling streets of the city, Sparres settled for couple of nights at Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a hill top very easily accessible from Kathmandu. The picturesque view of the Himalayas glittering like gold during sunsets and sunrises is a moment worthwhile captivating at Nagarkot. The short hikes to its vicinity into the dense woods along the graveled trial are an outstanding experience.

Winding through the black pitched serpent- Prithivi Highway to Pokhara was another highlight of Sparre’s trip. Upon reaching Pokhara, they were transferred to exotic Base camp Resort. Next day was full of fun as they witnessed the most beautiful valley on the earth. Pokhara is a small valley with jam-packed beauties in the nature. Verdant lakes, mystical gorges, rushing falls, narrow- opening caves and most importantly the charming views of Himalayas including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Mt. Fishtail have always made Pokhara a very special destination to numerous visitors.

Finally, the tour was now on the finishing stage, but one more luring destination popular for wildlife lovers was still on the list. Chitwan National Park is one of the most amazing parks for wildlife lovers and adventurers. A safari through the bushes of the dense woods on a back of a giant Asian elephant is unique experience. More than that, the expectation of wild animals from these bushes is always thrilling. The encounter with the culture of Tharu tribal completes the Chitwan trip. Our Danish visitors had the greatest time before they made their final departure back home on 22 February, 2012.


Places to visit in and around Kathmandu Valley.


Four Italians Mr. Cavallero, Ms. Rossi, Mr. Casella and Ms. Brugnettini had planned to celebrate their New Year retreat in Nepal. They arrived to Kathmandu on December 30, 2012. During their 4 days stay in Nepal, apart from welcoming the New Year 2013 at the festive streets of Thamel, they visited to different places around the valley.

The Italian visitors used an opportunity in Nepal visiting all UNESCO Heritage sites (Durbar Squares at Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath and Changunarayan) lying within Kathmandu valley. Also, they toured to Budhanilkantha, Kirtipur, Dakshinkali and Nagarkot.

The famous image of Budanilkantha lies 8km north of Kathmandu city. The colossal statue lying in a pool of water is about six meters long which reclines on number of carved serpents as its bed. The statue which has a great importance among the religious people of Nepal is supposed to have installed here during 7th century.

Kirtipur lies 5km southwest to Kathmandu. The city holds the great historical importance of 18th century with its courageous natives. The impressive city with few historical monuments left is now the city of farmers and weavers.

The temple of Dakshinkali lies in a gorge. Dakshin in Nepali refers to “south” and hence the shrine here faces towards the south cardinal point of Kathmandu valley. Every Saturday numerous devotees of this popular goddess visit here.

Nagarkot 2175m, lies 32km east of Kathmandu. The panorama of major peaks of Eastern Nepal Himalayas including Everest, Manaslu, Ganesh etc. are clearly seen from here. The most popular tourist resort around Kathmandu; Nagarkot also offers the amazing sunrise and sunset views.

The Italians waved goodbye to 2012 and welcomed 2013 in Nepal with great rapid vacation. On January 3, 2013 they departed with lots and lots of cultural, historical and religious memories and knowledge from Nepal.

Visit to one of the most wonderful cities: Kathmandu.


City of Temples- Kathmandu

City of Temples- Kathmandu

Five Aussies Ross, Gill, Gail, Marlene and Graeme arrived at the Friendship Bridge on October 20, 2012 after the most adventurous highland tour on the roof of the world; Tibet. They boarded the bus to Dhulikhel after the completion of immigration formalities. Dhulikhel lies 32km east to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. The city is a real small town which is very popular for the majestic mountain views and as a starting point for the short treks. The city is full of temples and culturally  rich with major Newari inhabitants.  After the lunch in an exotic resort at Dhulikhel, the Aussies headed towards the heritage city Kathmandu.


Durbar Square- Kathmandu during night.

Kathmandu, is the city of temples, monasteries, shrines and deities. The ancient city offers the wide range of cultural and historical heritages of the different eras which played the significant role in the Nepalese history. Narayanhiti Palace, Singha Durbar, Darhara, Ghanta-ghar, Rani Pokhari are the major ancient monuments. However, apart from these historically important monuments the cultural and religious displays of the ancient Nepal could be majorly viewed at  Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pahupatinath Temple and the ancient monateries like Swayambhunath and Boudhanath. Besides, the Kathmandu city the valley shares two other historically and culturally important cities Bhaktapur and Patan. These two cities are equally appealing for once in a life time visit. The Aussies made the tour around the Kathmandu city. Due to the lack of time they were unable to visit Patan and Bhaktapur. However, they managed the time to wonder around the typical Thamel. Thamel is in the heart of Kathmandu. The narrow streets with abundant  hotels, bars and restaurants, musics, traditional cultural outlets, cosmopolitan environment, cyber cafes, travel agencies and many more; Thamel is the place where every visitor in Nepal makes his presence at least once.

The exodus of the Aussie lineup happened on 23rd October 2012.


5th Century Monastery- Boudhanath.

Pics: EH.


Sightseeing in the heritage city Kathmandu followed by mountain flight.



Pashupatinath Temple in sixties.

After the Overland Tour of Tibet, the group of nine; Eight Australians and a Dutch crossed the Friendship Bridge at Nepal-China border over Bhote Koshi River on September 23, 2012. They chilled out the night stay at Himalayan Horizon on the23rd. The following day on September 24, the group accompanied with the team of Explore Himalaya towards Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital of Himalayan nation Nepal. The city itself is a heritage site. A prehistoric city describes the primordial Aryan culture in the region.


Patan Durbar Square.

On September 25, the group was on the sightseeing tour of this ancient city. Pashupatinath, Boudhanath , Chnagunarayan and  Swayambhunath are spiritually privileged destinations. The group precisely had great time on viewing these ancient pious temples and Monasteries. The arty and inventive displays of the ancient times at the three grandiose Durbar squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur left the lineup with no choice other than appreciating the ancestral abilities in the region.


Aeriel view of Boudhanath.

On September 26, early morning the squad had the mountain flight. The eye-catching views of the green mountains, elevated regal Himalayas, rivers and rivulets, feral passes in the nature and the traditional habitats at places fully took them to the different exciting side existing in Nepal. The team has had much more than their expectation on a very short retreat to Nepal. On September 27, they made their exodus from Nepal towards Paro, Bhutan with very happy hearts.


Aeriel Mountain view.

Pics: EH.


Unleash your adventurous passion and join Explore Himalaya we promise for the most wonderful vacation in the Himalayas.