Homestay & Small Lodge Management Training

A  training on Homestay and Small Lodge Management  has been organized by SNV as part of its ‘High Impact Tourism and Training Programme’(HITT). HATT(Himalayan Academy of travel & Tourism) is the logistic organizer of the programme. The training which began on 19th July is held at Kakani. Training is being imparted to locals from Manaslu, Kakani, Gorkha, Khotang and Nuwakot, who run homestays or small lodges. The objective of the training is to give enterprising locals from these areas the know-how of operating and managing homestays for tourists. Training the locals on Homestay Management will help in developing these areas as tourist destinations where comfortable and basic accommodation and other services will be offered to tourists visiting these areas. A total of 31 participants (26 from Manaslu Area) are receiving training from experts.

Homestay training

Homestay training

Homestay training

Homestay training

(Pics: Explore Himalaya)

Explore Himalaya organizes Team Building Programme for Ncell

On Februry 26th and 27th ,Explore Himalaya organized a Team Buliding Programme  (1 night and 2 days) for Ncell  Pvt. Ltd. at the Mountaineers’ Memorial Park in Kakani, Nuwakot.  A total of 21 members from the Carrier Transmission Department ( Ekantakuna office) took part in the program. The program was coached  by Mr Raman Nepali, a well known Team building consultant. A wide range activities and fun games such as Create A Bigger Picture, Conflict Ring, Find Your Partner, Get Your Goal, Real Business, Freedom etc designed for enhancing team performance were the main highlights of the program.


team b


The participants arrived early at the park and were well rested with a good breakfast. After breakfast, the event commenced after all the participants were asked to set up their sleeping tents by themselves. The task was difficult for them but like in every competition the winning team was rewarded by the coach. After the tent building, team was randomly divided into 2 groups which were named as ‘The Rainbow’ and ‘Ace of Spades’. A wide variety of games on teambuilding, motivation, goal setting, team efficiency, morale boosting etc were played between them. Like the name itself, Team Ace of Spades won most of the games played. The main focus of the games and practices during the event was to bring out the best in a team and to ensure self development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work together as a team.  All the members enjoyed the games and the first day ended with a BBQ dinner and a soft rock concert by a local Nepal band called ‘Load-Shedding’. All the participants enjoyed the music and danced to the tunes after a hectic day.

bigger pic

Creating a Bigger Picture

conflict ring

Conflict Ring

Find your partner

Finding their partner

team game

Who’s Out first!

The following day started with an early morning meditation to overcome stress and find some inner peace and balance. Then after breakfast the members were taken for a short hiking around Kakani. After 2-3 hrs of hike, the members enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch followed by some team building practices. The team also enjoyed Wall Climbing at the Park. After the climbing activity, the members hiked down the road where the bus was waiting for final departure.


Melodious Music



wall climbing

Wall Climbing

Group Picture

(Text: Anuj Pandey)

Pics: Explore Himalaya

Changa Chait (Kite Flying) Competition at Kakani

Changa festival

The Fourth Kakani Open Changa Chait(Kite Flying) Competition will be held on October 8th,2010 at the Taragaon premises in Kakani, Nuwakot.

Kakani is located 29km north-west of Kathmandu,  1½ hr drive away from the capital.  One can enjoy  fantastic views of Ganesh Himal (7,111m), Manaslu (8,163m), Garuishanker (7,134m) and Annapurna I (8,091m) from here.

The Changa Chait competition  is organized by the Youth Vision Youth Club. At the venue , there will be food stalls selling Rainbow Trout Fish, traditional food items like gundruk & bhatmas, mushrooms, strawberry wine, a live DJ session etc.