Rara Lake trek- a beautiful offbeat trek in Nepal

Rara LakeRara Lake is one of the hidden natural treasures in Mugu District of Nepal. “Extremity of the wilderness and the spectacular view of snow-capped peaks makes this trek an unforgettable walking adventure”.

For trekkers it gives a chance to sight the nomadic lifestyle at some places and the ancient civilization of Nepal at others. In brief, the trek is the ideal blend of cultural and natural aspects of off the beaten trails of Wild West Nepal.

The prime highlight of the trek, Rara Lake, which is ringed by alpine meadows of pines and junipers trees fall inside Rara National Park.  The park established in 1976 consists 1074 floral and faunal species.


Rara Lake Trek begins with the scenic flight to Jumla preceding the longer flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. The trail is full of passes that goes up to 11000 feet.  It is a ‘off the beaten trail’ which involves the crossing of Ghurchi Lagna pass at 3450m on the way to Rara Lake and a few ridges at around 3000 meters. The journey itself is an awesome escapade for adventure seekers, while they traverse through the rough Nepalese terrains and high passes. September to October and April to May are the best times to undertake the trek because of the clear skies and mild weather with soft touch of wind making this adventure more wonderful.

Sinja Valley, the valley on the way to the Lake, is another culturally important landmark, which holds the significant history dating back from 12th  to 14th century. The proposed UNESCO Heritage Site is the place, where the original Nepali language was originated. Besides, the valley is ideal place to observe the culture of “Khas” tribe.

Trekking to the biggest lake in Nepal is by far the journey of lifetime that treats you the best of Nepalese rural culture and the incredible untouched nature.