Eighth International Elephant Race begins today at Sauraha

The eighth International Elephant Race begins today at the Baghmara Community Forest, in Sauraha, the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park. The organizer of the event is Chitwan Regional Hotel Association of Nepal. Also known as the Elephant Festival , the event will feature elephant race, elephant football match, bullock cart race and canoe race. More than 20 elephants and as many calves will take part in elephant race and football match. 

International Elephant Race, Sauraha (26th – 28th December)

The tourist village of  Sauraha in Chitwan is once again preparing to host the annual elephant extravaganza – the International Elephant Race & Elephant Festival. If you are eager to see the hefty pachyderms battling it out in the hot Chitwan sun, then Sauraha is the place to head to.

Activities during the fest include:
1. Elephant Procession (march past),
2. Elephant Bathing,
3. Traditional Elephant Decoration
4. International Elephant Race
5. Elephant Soccer Match
6. Photo Exhibition & Documentary Shows depicting the Life Cycle of Elephants
7. Canoeing, Ox Cart & Horse Racing
8. Cultural Program
9. Food Festival

The event will be held from 26th – 28th December 2010.